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16-year-old boy detained for not wearing a mask


Last month, a 16-year-old boy was detained as he snubbed to wear a mask at a central Florida high school. The lawyer defending the boy and his family described the incident as “government abuse” of a teen who has to put up with panic attacks.

The Winter Springs High School sophomore was taken into custody following his refusal to wear a mask and oblige other school rules, which disrupted a probation order that obligated him to uphold good behaviour in school, the Orlando Sentinel stated. The boy’s name was removed from the September 17 report.

Teen arrested at Florida school after refusing to wear mask

Boy’s attorney says this was “government abuse”

Jose Rivas, the family’s attorney, stated that the teenager’s preceding record didn’t validate what he thought was an uncalled-for action.

“Should they be arresting a 16-year-old child knowing he already has a medical condition?” he said.

In an avowal, Rivas’ law firm termed the arrest as “government abuse” and added, “We will be seeking just and fair compensation for the illegal arrest … and the harm that this action caused him.”

The boy’s mother informed the newspaper that her son suffers from an anxiety disorder.

She said that he was detained after going to the school office to request for water as he felt panicky and breathing in the mask was problematic for him.

“I couldn’t grasp it at first. Because of a mask?” the newspaper cited the mother.

“I was just in a disbelief.” The Associated Press isn’t ascertaining the mother to preserve the student’s identity.

What exactly happened?

An account from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office asserts that the boy had been directed to follow school rules as a state of his trial. It did not mention what he was on trial for.

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The report mentions that from September 1, he declined to oblige to rules, comprising of wearing a mask and social distancing, and for that he was issued a warning. The report also stated that he was found vaping in the school cafeteria.

On September 17 again, he was caught without wearing a mask and rejected to put one on.

A deputy then took him under arrest and sent him to a juvenile detention center.

The sheriff’s office informed the newspaper that the arrest was for probation defilements, not because of the school district’s mask rules.

The student has not gone back to the school yet. His mother stated the family will be shifting to another place and that he will opt for an online education program.

“He just feels like they will target him again,” she said. “It’s really taken a toll on him.”

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