Aashram Season 3: Everything You Should Know!!

Aashram Season 3

The season of the series was dropped on November 11, 2020, and now we are waiting for the makers to come up with Aashram Season 3. But is on the cards?

Aashram Season 3: Is It Happening?

Aashram Season 3


The MX player series has got a warm response from the audience and the critics. Aashram Season 1 was released on August 2020 and just after two months, the second season was released.  So now we are all waiting for the makers to announce Aashram Season 3.

As of now, there has been no official announcement but we know that another season is inevitable. Because the second season was absolutely not the season finale of the series.

Therefore we need another season to reach a proper conclusion. If sources are to be believed then the makers are planning to world on the scripting of Aashram Season 3. We saw that there was a very little gap between the release dates pf first and the second season, so can we expect the same for the upcoming season?

Aashram Season 3

Most probably no, because the production of Aashram Season 3 is still in the preliminary stage. Thus we cannot expect filming to start until next year. So to take a wild guess maybe we can expect the upcoming season by the end of 2021.

Aashram Season 3: Plot

This amazing series centres around the story of a preacher or better call him a pseudo preacher called Nirmal Baba. He creates an empire ( Aashram ) where he operates all these illegal and criminal activities.

And for the world, he is a man of spiritual powers who can basically do wonders. Thus he gets millions of devotees who shower their wealth on Nirmal Baba.

Aashram Season 3

This series basically portrays how conmen like Nirmal baba ruin people in the name of religion. In the previous season, we saw how he operates many criminal activities from his Aashram and not only that he has killed several people in past. Thus in Aashram Season, we can expect to see more of Nirmal Baba and his dark side.

Maybe in the upcoming season, we can expect Nirmal and his Aashram to finally get exposed. In a word Aashram Season, 3 is going to be full of revelations and thrill.

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