Aboriginal Legal Aid Adelaide

The movement also employs field staff who are trained in court proceedings and can advise or represent clients in many situations where no lawyer is present. In addition to providing advice and support in court, field staff serve as a link between lawyers and their Indigenous clients by explaining the law, providing follow-up services to clients with problems, and drawing the movement`s attention to problematic areas within the Indigenous community. A field officer or staff lawyer is usually available at Adelaide Magistrates` Court and Youth Court, as well as at the courts in Port Adelaide, Ceduna, Murray Bridge and Port Augusta. Field workers are also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in the movement`s offices to visit police stations during interviews to ensure that Aboriginal people fully understand all the allegations against them and that they are given their legal rights. The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) can help you with civil and criminal matters. ALRM is an independent organisation led by an exclusively Indigenous Board of Directors with offices in Adelaide, Ceduna, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. Contact ALRM at 1800 643 222 (toll free). The Commission des services juridiques provides information, advice and recommendations free of charge in advance. The legal chat and telephone service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, except on public holidays. The 24Legal web portal provides information on a range of legal topics to help you find answers to your questions. The development of an Aboriginal legal service in South Australia controlled by the Aboriginal community was part of a national movement to improve the legal and civil rights of Aboriginal people who were over-represented in the criminal justice system. Phone: 1300 366 42424Jurer: 24Legal.lsc.sa.gov.auWebsite: lsc.sa.gov.au and online chat Civil laws are used to resolve disputes between two or more parties.

For more information, see Where to get free legal advice. Several organizations offer or organize free legal assistance. If a question goes beyond minor counselling and support, it may incur costs, or you may need to meet the eligibility criteria (usually a resource test) to avoid or reduce these costs. If the movement is unable to provide legal aid or believes for any reason that it should not provide legal aid (e.g. in cases of disputes between Aborigines), the cases will be referred to the Commission or another mutual legal assistance service. The Indigenous Legal Rights Movement is led by an Indigenous Council elected by the Indigenous community. He provides comprehensive legal advice and support from his staff lawyers and, where appropriate, private lawyers for Aboriginal people and their spouses. There is no means test and contributions are generally not required, although a performance check is applied before call assistance is granted.

Tel: (08) 8113 3777 (24-hour emergency service) Toll™ free (SA only) 1800 643 222 Email: [email protected] Find out more about programs and support for Aboriginal prisoners and offenders. Make a difference by supporting Indigenous people who come into contact with the criminal justice system. Your generous tax-deductible donation will change lives. The form below is for general inquiries ONLY. We will NOT be able to respond to requests for LEGAL SUPPORT SERVICES through this form. Please call us at (08) 8113 3777 (24 hour emergency service) or on our toll-free (SA only) 1800 643 222 so we can help you through our admission process and guide your call™ We acknowledge that the main office in Adelaide is located on the traditional land of kaurna and we respect their spiritual relationship with their land. Community members interested in becoming a member of ALSWA may do so by completing this application form and sending it to the Company Secretary [[email protected]] with a membership payment of $10.00 or by being transferred to the next bank account to achieve social justice, equality and well-being of South Australian Aborigines, particularly for Aboriginal people, who are in police custody or detained. Shop 8/35 Poynton Street, Ceduna, South Australia 5690 ALIS can provide interpreting services to fully understand Aboriginal speakers in a range of different environments. Aboriginal Language Interpretation Service (ALIS) interpreters speak a number of Aboriginal languages, including (but not limited to): Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ALRM pays tribute to the elders and leaders of the past, present and emerging – all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 12 Church Street, Port Augusta, South Australia, 5700 We recognise the Kaurna people as the guardians of the Greater Adelaide region and that their cultural and cultural beliefs are equally important to the Kaurna people living today. The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia Limited is registered as a public limited company and is governed by an Aboriginal Council. The Board of Directors consists of five elected members and two co-opted members who work together to dedicate time, cultural and business expertise to providing leadership and governance. From 1. In October 2021, the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Ltd (“ALRM”) must be notified by police if an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person is arrested in South Australia. This includes a person under the age of 18 who is in the field of juvenile justice. Law and Justice – We focus on unique cultural, linguistic and regional needs.