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Acceptance of Joe Biden’s offer by Stephen Fauci for becoming the Chief Medical Officer

The worldwide numbers of coronavirus have once again begun to surge the charts. The death toll is increasing day by day worldwide, and the US is at the top of the charts.

Anthony Fauci, A renowned physician and immunologist

Anthony Stephen Fauci is a renowned physician and immunologist of America and had been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, since 1984. Seeing the rising numbers in the Covid 19 charts, Fauci has requested everyone to Wear a Mask and to maintain social distancing in the public. His plea, “Wear a Mask” tops the list of 2020’s notable quotes. Fauci had been on Trump’s administration’s Covid 19 Task Force since 2020 and has been fighting against the disease since then. He is one of the leading and trusted medical professional in the US. Since his joining with Trump’s Task Force, he had a complicated relationship with the then President of the US and was always facing harassment since then. The US has made to 14 million Covid 19 infections with almost, more than 275,000 deaths. Fauci, on Thursday, also apologised for the doubt he had on the Pfizer Inc. Vaccine against Covid 19.

Fauci accepts Joe Biden’s Offer

Anthony Stephen Fauci, on Friday, confirms joining as Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser. The same was also confirmed when the President-Elect, was questioned in an interview on Thursday. Fauci, without any hesitation, accepts the President’s offer then and there on the spot. Biden also asked Fauci to continue his task force which he has been working on since the Trump Days.

As mentioned earlier, Fauci had been on the negative side of Trump and Trump threatened to fire and kill him after the November elections, but the same went in vain when Joe replaces the position of the then President and asks Fauci, now to be a part of the Covid 19 team again. Joe fully supports Fauci and requests the support of the citizens too and asks not to be debunked by the then President’s leftist government. This alarming news came with the current scenario of America’s rising numbers in the Coronavirus charts and also the rising death toll.

Incoming White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, took to his Twitter handle to congratulate Fauci for his dedication and sincere effort towards the effort and expresses his gratitude towards getting to work with him again. Fauci also exclaims that the Thursday meeting with Biden was his first meeting. On his inauguration day, he claims to ask the citizens of America to wear the mask for 100 days and if required, 100 days is not enough till a vaccine is widely available. He further states, on the onset of coming months, more and more people will be able to get vaccinated.

Fauci has also warned the citizens of America that the coming month of January may be more terrible as the present numbers have increased three times with recording the highest number of deaths. He asks the people not to give up and hang in right there.


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