Age Legal Fonctionnaire

With regard to retirement from the civil service, civil servants, whether civilians, military personnel or judges, are entitled to the statutory old-age pension granted by the State. However, the official should be aware that his basic system will not be identical to the general social security pension scheme. For their retirement as civil servants, civil servants are covered by the special scheme provided for in the Law on Statutory and Military Pensions. Civil servants` pensions are granted to them at the time of their retirement and, in the event of death, to their dependants (spouse, former spouse, orphans). Pension rights generally depend on two factors: with this file, Expertise & Optimisation de la Retraite informs you about the retirement of civil servants and provides you with the information necessary for the preparation of your file and intends to accompany you in your steps. In addition, a team of specialists is at your disposal to help you optimize your research and give you the rights to which you are entitled under the pension plan of the public servant on whom you belong. Civil servants may retire from an acceptable minimum age. This age varies according to the category of civil servant, seated or employed, and at the same time determines the number of quarters required to receive the full rate, i.e. a pension without deduction. This pension simulation is tricky: is it better to receive two pensions and combine them, namely those of the private and the public, or to renounce the retirement of the private and improve one`s retirement pension as a civil servant? You are a civil servant and belong to the seated category: To benefit from a civil servant`s pension, the insured person must have worked for at least 2 years.

 For retirement in the active category, the insured person must prove a period of actual service of at least 17 years in one or more jobs in this category. The superactive category (national police, prison surveillance, air traffic control, etc.) then requires 27 years. This period is extended to 32 years for civil servants in the so-called “unhealthy” category (underground networks, sanitation, forensic institute). The State Pension Service administers the pensions of civil servants, judges and military personnel. It is a department with national competence attached to the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFiP) of the Ministry of Budget, Public Finance and State Reform. Within the framework of the Organic Law on Finance Laws (LOLF), the State Pension Service participates in the management and control of the mission of public finances, fiscal and financial management of State and local public sector programmes within the framework of the pension management measure. He is primarily responsible for two pension trust account programs: civil and military retirement pensions and temporary disability allowances and military disability pensions and military and other disability programs. To retire, you must have reached the minimum age.

This minimum age varies according to your status (civil servant or contract worker) and the nature of your work (©dental: title content or active category©: title contained). The schemes allow early retirement in certain situations and under certain conditions©. © The actual length of service required for retirement and the age limits for grades shall be gradually increased by two years, in the same way and in the same way as civil servants. Some situations allow the early retirement of civil servants under certain conditions: the age limits that automatically give rise to a full pension for civil servants can be found in the key data The minimum age for retirement of civil servants depends on the year of birth: if you want more information about the retirement of civil servants, do not hesitate to contact us, by clicking here or calling If you are a civil servant and occupy a position classified in the “sedentary” category, the legal retirement age will be gradually raised from 60 to 62 according to the following rhythm: exemptions for children, for an incomplete career or for official reasons in the case of a managerial activity allow staff to work beyond these age limits. Under certain conditions, an official in the active category may request to continue his or her work until the (higher) age limit applicable to an official in the seat group has been reached. ©©To retire as a civil servant, you must have worked© for at least 2 years as a civil servant (trainee or incumbent) in one or more dental©© positions.