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Ahmedabad saw the appearance of a Monolith after its various appearances in the world

The triangular prism-shaped structure, about 7 feet tall, gained immediate popularity among city dwellers after being discovered in a garden on the SG Highway of Ahmedabad on Thursday morning.

History of Monoliths

A monolith is a monument or natural feature composed of one massive stone or rock. Monolith or monolithic may also refer to a single crystal, also known as a monolith, such as a single crystal, a single crystal, or some acid, or one large arranged as Rock carvings, or interiors, monuments or buildings. Erosion usually exposes geological structures made of very hard and hard igneous or metamorphic rocks.  In architecture, the term is quite akin to megaliths commonly used in prehistoric times.

It is used in the context of rock-cut architecture attached to solid rock, such as in monolithic churches, or for exceptionally large stones such as obelisks, statues, monolithic columns, or large architects that may have travelled considerable distances after quarrying. It can also be used for large glacier deformities that are driven by natural forces. The three recent emergences of “monoliths” in Romania, Utah, and California (and the subsequent removal of two) are interesting examples that can capture the imagination of the general public. These structures are metal-like structures about 3-4 meters high and have a simple geometric design and reflective surface.

Adding to the mystery, the Utah monolith was said to be in place long before it emerged on November 18. When its location was not announced, members of the public found Google Earth images of the object dating to back to 2016. So far, nothing credible the source has suggested that the structures are the product of alien technology or supernatural influence. And unlike UFO sightings and Area 51 news, governments have not been accused of a cover-up.

Appearance of Monolith in India

Since November,’ monoliths’, such as those that did not exist in the various elements of the planet, have now appeared in the huge gardens in the town of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.  This is the beginning of the monolith, a structure made of shiny steel. The triangular prismatic structure, about 7 feet high, gained immediate popularity among city dwellers after being discovered in the gardens of the SG main road on a weekday morning. The garden is co-managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. And it’s a private company. Situated near Gurudwara in the Thaltej region, the company was one of all the attractions recently inaugurated by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

The company that maintains the garden put the stone there. The visitor structure was built by the company. As Jignesh Pate, Director of Gardens at AMCl, said, people can see reflections on the shiny surface of the structure and take a selfie. People started flocking into the gardens and started clicking in front of the structures.  In the very distant desert of Utah, USA, these multilateral steel columns appeared and disappeared once every few days. Subsequently, similar structures were noted in about thirty countries.

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