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6 people go missing and 4 homes destroyed after Alaska flood results to landslide

After heavy rains triggered landslides that buried homes under several feet of earth, six people were missing in Southeastern Alaska on Wednesday, according to state authorities.

6 people go missing and 4 homes destroyed after Alaska flood results to landslide

According to the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the landslides devastated at least four homes in Haines, Alaska, which is about 90 miles north of the state capital, Juneau, and is home to about 2,500 residents.

According to the agency, which said it had suspended rescue operations on Wednesday evening because of rumbling, rocky terrain, nine feet of mud and trees covered one section of Haines.

Rescue operations were scheduled to resume on Thursday morning, the department said when a helicopter carrying medicine, search staff and dogs was scheduled to arrive in Haines. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy said the State Emergency Operations Center was coordinating the response and mobilising search-and-rescue teams “My emergency response team and I are monitoring the natural disaster unfolding in Haines & the broader Southeast,” said Governer Dunleavy on his Twitter

The mudslides were caused by a storm system that dropped eight inches of rain on Tuesday and another three or four inches of rain on Wednesday, said Douglas Olerud, the mayor of Haines.“Everybody is in awe of the devastation and everybody is really busy helping each other,” he said on Wednesday night. “We’re praying we have a happy ending and we’re able to find everybody alive.”Governer Olerud added

He said severe floods occurred because drainage ditches had already been plugged from a recent storm of around two or three feet of snow in Haines.

On Tuesday, Haines was struck by a series of minor mudslides and on Wednesday a large mudslide crushed houses, he added. There were about 30 people rescued by sea, he added.Mr. Olerud said he had talked to Mr. Dunleavy and other state officials on Wednesday about the immediate need for help.

After heavy rains and flooding caused a mudslide on Wednesday in Haines, Alaska, two individuals remain missing. According to the Haines Borough State Facebook page, four missing residents were located on Thursday morning. According to the article, search and rescue teams continue to work in the area. The land is precarious and the field is still being tested by teams. The central Salvation Army and the Presbyterian church in Mosquito Lake have set up tents for homeless people. As of Wednesday evening, approximately 30 individuals had been evacuated. Thanks to the mudslide and tsunami, hundreds of houses on the hillside became uninhabitable. Haines is located approximately 92 miles north of Juneau.

A helicopter crew was on its way to Haines from Air Station Sitka, and the crews of two cutters, Liberty and Anacapa, were ordered to prepare to sail to Haines for additional assistance, the Coast Guard reported. Also on its way from Juneau was a 45-foot Coast Guard transport.

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