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Alibaug Police Arrests Arnab Goswami Under Abetment Of Suicide Charges

Arnab Goswami Arrested

Arnab Goswami arrest has made headlines in the past day. While he alleged that the police had assaulted him and his family, the police have a different story to tell. Arnab Goswami is editor-in-chief of Republic TV and has been arrested on the charges of abetment to suicide of the Interior Designer Anvay Naik and his mother in the year 2018. 

Arnab Goswami Arrested

Arnab Goswami Arrested And Put Under Judicial Custody 

In a joint operation by the Raigad police and the Mumbai police has gotten Arnab Goswami and two other arrested. As per the reports, he has been arrested on the charges of abetment of suicide. A video of the arrest surfaced over the internet. As per the statement released by the police, they waited for an hour for Arnab to open the door for him. Even during the arrest, Arnab kept claiming that they had physically assaulted him and his son. The police further said that they faced extreme resistance from his side, which is evident from the videos that were released online. 

Apart from Arnab Goswami, two other suspects Feroz Shaikh and Nitesh Sarda have also been arrested in the same case. The court has ordered him to stay in judicial custody till November 18. 

Sequence Of Events On The Day Of Arnab Goswami Arrest 

Arnab Goswami Alleges Physical Assault from police

Arnab Goswami’s arrest led to a sequence of events on the day. The Alibaug Police joined with the Mumbai police to arrest Arnab Goswami. Mumbai Crime Branch team headed by assistant inspector Sachin Waze, Special Operation Team of the city police and police team headed by SP Ashok Dudhe reached Arnab’s house at 6 a.m. Sources suggest that the entire operation was kept secret and even the local police were not informed of the same. 

As per the police, they had to wait for an hour for Arnab and his wife to open the door. Even after they had told them that they were here to arrest him, the couple made them wait for an hour. A senior police officer said that a deputy police officer recorded the entire incident to ensure that there are no false allegations made later. After an hour-long wait, Arnab opened the door, and his wife started recording the events. They said that under IPC 306 abetment case, they didn’t need an arrest warrant. 

The senior officer said that when they handed them the notice for intimation of arrest, Arnab Goswami’s wife tore the papers. After strong resistance, the police had to force Arnab in the van. They made a data entry in the NM Joshi Marg Police Station before he was handed over to the Alibaug Police. 

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Case of Anvay Naik And His Mother’s Suicide In 2018 

Arnab Goswami allegedly forced Anvay Naik and his mother for suicide

The incident took place in the year 2018. Anvay Naik and his mother were found dead at their farmhouse in Kavir Village in Alibaug. Naik was found hanging from the ceiling while his mother’s body was found on the bed. In the suicide note that police found stated that they are forced to take this extreme step because three companies had not paid them their dues of over Rs 83 lakhs. Naik’s wife filed a complaint against Goswami from AGR Outlier owed Rs 83 lakhs, Feroz Shaikh from Skimedia owed four crores, and Nitesh Sarda from Smart Work owed Rs 55 lakhs. 

Based on the suicide note that was found near the bodies of the two, police has registered a case against Goswami, Shaikh and Sarda. During the investigation, the police found out that Naik’s mother was found to be strangulated. The police had also registered a case for murder. 

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