Alpha Phi Alpha Rules

B) HOW TO REPORT VIOLATIONS OF THE ADMISSION PROCESS Complaints and disputes relating to the admission of members should be referred to the Executive Director for investigation and resolution. Applicants from the organization agree to follow all rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the admission process. The candidate also undertakes to report in writing violations and violations of the rules, regulations and guidelines relating to the admission process. Failure by the applicant to follow the process of admission or reporting of illegal activities may exclude the candidate from membership in the Fraternity. The information should be provided to the Executive Director; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Head Office; 2313 Saint-Paul Street; Baltimore, MD 21218. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Join other brotherhoods, sororities, parents, and academic institutions in the fight against bullying. It takes the commitment of everyone involved in the process of joining a group organization to achieve this. We encourage you to join us in making this world a better place through hazing prevention. Most importantly, we are not interested in people whose actions jeopardize the brand and well-being of the organization. (abridged) Official membership and procedure manual We are Alphamen. “.

the members of this organization to promote a more perfect union among the men of the college; support its members and insist on the personal progress of its members; to promote fraternal love and fraternal spirit within the Organization; neglect evil; destroy all prejudices; preserve the holiness of the house, the personification of virtue and the chastity of women. 1) If your child is being bullied, they may be able to direct your concerns to you. In this case, you should do everything in your power to encourage your child to immediately stop participating in hazing/pledges. Try to get as much information as possible from your child about hazing activities, perpetrators, and when and where events occur.2) Sometimes your child minimizes cloudiness by saying, “It doesn`t matter” or “Don`t worry, I can handle it.” You should not accept these general answers and continue to present alternative solutions to participate in these activities.3) If your conversation with your child still leaves you with unresolved concerns or suspicions of hazing activities, you should contact someone immediately. When contacting someone, please remain calm and provide as much information as possible. You may be very upset, but remember that the person you contacted needs to gather as much information as possible and can ask a series of questions, so please don`t pour your anger on them. • Must be held in good standing with the general organization and chapter by which the candidate wishes to join Any person who participates in the harassment of a candidate does not represent alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Instead, the Brotherhood will consider this person a criminal. Each person who commits hazing is individually and personally liable to the victim and may be subject to a claim for pecuniary damages. Those involved in the harassment must also be subject to strict disciplinary measures by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We appreciate those who believe that their alpha Phi Alpha membership is a showcase of their personal commitment to these time-consuming words. Note: All form links marked with an asterisk (*) can be completed via our online member database (AlphaMX). 1. A member who agrees to be a sponsor. A sponsor is a brother who guides a candidate through the initial membership development process (IMDP), from the phase of the interested candidate to their first full year of membership. They will also write a letter of support to a candidate (to be included in their completed application package). 3. A large credit card to process national introductory fees. To apply for insurance for an event, use the PDF below The objectives of this brotherhood are: to promote the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest benefit for the cause of humanity, freedom and dignity of the individual; promote the highest and noblest form of masculinity; and to assist oppressed humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status. Alpha Phi Alpha does NOT authorize the initial membership development process (IMDP) at the chapter level, and the Fraternity has a zero tolerance policy for hazing and/or engagement activities. Before a candidate can apply for an application, they need the following: • MUST NOT have been disciplined for violation of the PDGI within 10 years of their sponsorship; Brothers who have been reinstated after exclusion are not eligible to sponsor candidates C) SIGNS OF HAZINGConsiderate these tips to determine if your son may be a victim of hazing and/or participation in illegal pawnshops. Buy the latest Alpha Phi Alpha clothes and other utensils.

A) PARTICIPATION IN OFFICIAL ADMISSION MAY PREVENT ANY CONCERNSThe only official and sanctioned contact regarding the admission of a candidate member is described in the description of the membership process by the Brotherhood. Applicants should only participate in membership activities if the date, time and location are defined by the company`s head office and are from the headquarters of alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. through the Director of Member Services. In addition, no member or chapter of the Fraternity may require additional or different conditions for the membership of a candidate or group of candidates. Candidates must immediately report violations or irregularities in the admission of members to the head office. All admission activities for members of the Fraternity are carried out by the certified admissions officer and are carried out in the presence of a certified regional reception officer. The general office will be closed this Friday, September 2 and Monday, September 5 to comply with the Labour Day holiday. We will resume our activities on Tuesday, September 6th. The official Twitter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., which was founded on December 4, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. ®. – Excerpt from the Preamble of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Constitution and Statutes Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Elder James Heath was recently sworn in as President of the Michigan State Bar. Learn more: Please share. #APA1906Network #ServantsOfAll #WeShallTranscendAll #MenOfDistinction Click below to learn more about the importance of preventing turbidity and our position on this topic. • Visit an institution where there is an active section (membership is not available for people attending an online university that does not have a chapter seat. Membership is only available to people attending the school where the chapter`s headquarters are located.) Any male student at an accredited college can be presented as a candidate for membership in a section of the college, provided that he: 1) Trust your common sense. If you question the potential value, safety or negative impact of an activity, you have the right to raise concerns and receive an explanation. Start by asking your child to explain the things the group needs to be involved in order to become a member.

If he is resilient or simply does not respond to you, then it should be a red flag.2) Does your child focus on activities that are supposed to earn his place in an organization that are incompatible with his character, or are the activities embarrassing or abusive?3) Does your child lose a lot of weight, sleep excessively or is he always tired, Do you avoid going home or staying outside for a long time, having trouble sitting, and/or showing signs of depression? Each of these conditions may constitute a physical and/or emotional burden associated with illegal promise activities. We are not looking for candidates who are not interested in serving the communities in which they live.