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“Amit Shah owes me a Dhokla treat” Mamata Banerjee slams Home Minister

Amit Shah Mamata

The TMC cheif hit out at Amit Shah with a point by point rebuttal to Shah’s claims of the state being in despair

Mamata Bnerjee hit out at Home Minister Amit Shah

Kolkata: As promised, Mamata Banerjee hit out at Home Minister Amit Shah’s claims about her state in a point by point rebuttal to claims made by Shah during his two-day visit to West Bengal. Banerjee said due to these false allegations Shah now owes her a “Dhokla treat”

“Mr Amit Shah now owes me a treat. I want to eat Gujarati food like dhokla and something else that Dinesh Trivedi often br and ings for me. I can’t remember its name just now,” said Banerjee during her address.

“Amit Shah owes me Dhokla Treat” Mamata Banerjee on countering Amit Shah’s claims

Amit Shah and Mamata Didi have butted heads multiple times now and there is still 4 more months of campaigning left. Shah, the cheif strategist for the BJP’s Bengal campaign has declared that he will visit the state every month for a week until the elections.

Amit Shah during his address in Bengal

During his trip to the state, Shah alleged that the Industry in the state was on a decline, while poverty and political assassinations were on the rise. Banerjee hit out against these claims today saying

“He made Bengal seem like a nightmare land, like a state that is doing badly, underdeveloped, with no jobs… Did you see Bengal 11 years back? How can you compare? Now Bengal is sparkling and shining and I think he is jealous and saying all these things.”

Mamata then took to numbers in order to explain her stance.” A report by the NCRB says political murders are down from 663 in 2001 to 2011 to 153 in 2011 to 2019. Rapes and crime against women were at 246 in 2012 down to 168 in 2019.” adding that Kolkata had been declared the safest city in India for women twice in 9 years.

She also pointed out to the BJP’s selective intrest in maintaining law and order, referencing the Hathras Rape case and the Yogi government’s mishandling of it.

In her closing remakrs to Shah, Banerjee said, “When the Home Minister of the country says something, it should be backed by data, facts and figures. Bengal is ahead of other states on all development indices. But Amit Shah ji deliberately tried to depict a gloomy and dismal picture of the state. I was challenged… Challenge accepted. Challenge I gave full reply with data,” 

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