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Another Life Season 2: Expected Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Another Life Season 2

Another Life Season 2 is highly anticipated by the fans owing to the immense success of the previous season. The first season was premiered on July 25, 2019. And since then we have been waiting for another season.

Another Life Season 2: Expected Release Date

Another Life Season 2

After getting a warm response from the audience as well as the critics the series was renewed for another season on October 2019. And Another Life Season 2 was scheduled to hit the screens by the end of 2020.

As the production was set to begin from March 2020, but unfortunately everything changed due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. And the production was delayed for several months. But filming of Another Life Season 2 resumed on August 28, 2020. If reports are to be believed then the shoot will be wrapped up by the end of November 2020.

Therefore if things go as per plan then we can expect the upcoming season to hit the screens by mid-2021.

Another Life Season 2: Plot

The Netflix sci-fi series revolves around an astronaut Niko Breckinridge who is keen on discovering life on space. Things take a turn when Niko and her crew find an artefact sent by an alien race called Achaia.

Another life season 2

In the previous season, we saw that Niko is in her mission whereas her husband Erik is left behind to look after the family. We saw how Niko and the crew encounter Achaia and initially believes that they are friendly whereas they are not. We saw how these aliens brainwashed Harper on to believe that they have good intentions. 

In the upcoming season, we will finally get to know if Harper can actually free herself from the clutches of these aliens.

In Another Life Season 2, it will be interesting to see if Niko and her entire crew in Salvare will actually guess Acachia’s true intentions. If yes, will they fight these aliens or will just return to the earth? 

Another Life Season 2

Also, will Erik ever find out that Achaia intends to end the human race? We will finally get to know if Achaia will cire Niko and Erik’s daughter Jana from leukaemia to win Erik’s trust. Also, there is more to find about Zakir a planet that was apparently destroyed by these evil aliens.

Will Achaia be able to fulfil their evil intentions on earth? Will they take over the planet and destroy the entire civilisation? Well, everything will be revealed in the upcoming season.

Thus Another Life Season 2 will be full of revelations and thrill. 

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