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One More Thing: Four Remarkable Announcements made by Apple

Today Apple had another big launch event which seems like the third one this month itself. It’s clear that Apple had big things planned for 2020 and they plan to give it to us in installments. So what happened at the “ One More Thing ” event today?

Since the beginning of the year, Apple has been frequently boosting our excitement through multiple events and announcements this pandemic season. With the “One More Thing” event taking place today Apple unveiled a variety of new products

The “M1” Chip

The main focus of the event was to reassure users about shifting macs towards chips produced by Apple themselves. This obviously has been the case with iPhone, IPad and Apple watch for many years, and now the first Macs to adapt They’re promising up to 15 hours of battery life while browsing the web, or 18 hours while watching the o. It’s got a 13.3″ display, SSD support up to 2TB, Touch ID, Thunderbolt/USB 4, WiFi 6 >The first batch of Apple products to receive the new chip will be: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. Apple also confirmed that the M1 will increase efficiency by three-fourths of the current capabilities.

Some of the specs they shared:

  •                 8-core CPU (4 high-performance, 4 high-efficiency)
  •                 Up to 8-core GPU
  •                 16 billion transistors
  •                 Apple’s Secure Enclave system built-in
  •                Thunderbolt/USB 4 supporting  

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air will be the first among many macs to use the ‘M1’ chip. With a promise of a 15 hour of battery life on using the web, or 18 hours while watching videos. It’s got a 13.3″ display, SSD support up to 2TB, Touch ID, Thunderbolt/USB 4, WiFi 6. It is expected to work 3.5x faster than any previous versions and being ultra-silent as it is fanless

Price: $999

Mac Mini

The Mac mini is also expected to get the new ‘M1’ chip with 2TB SSD and 16Gb of Memory. It’ll consist of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, along with two USB ports and an HDMI 2.0 with one for gigabit Ethernet.

Price: $699

MacBook Pro

Like all new variants the New MacBook Pro will also boast the M1 chip, hence enabling it for a better and faster performance. Similar to the Macbook Air, Pro will consist of a 13.3 inch display , with 16 GB memory supporting 2tb SSDs. It supports USB4/Thuderbolt and will be accompanied by a touch ID and WiFi 6.

Price : $1299

All these variants will come with a small students discount if you live in the United States. Apple plans to have One More Thing events around the world as the year progresses.

Apart from this a big update is about to hit the MacOS with version 11.0 or more commonly known as the Big Sur. This announcement was made by Apple in June earlier this year at the WWDC event. According to the company, they will be ready to ship as early as 12th November. This year in particular has been very frequent with apple stealing the spotlight. With the “M1” chip, set to replace the intel A14s apple surely has big plans it sure will see-through. You can watch today’s One More Thing event in its entirety here

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