Are Spearguns Legal in the Uk

On this page, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the laws and licensing requirements for shotguns and spearfish in the UK. You can also read our Travel FAQ, which includes tips on packing your equipment. If you`re just starting out, check out our inexpensive packages. Just know that you may get a headache from time to time, but so far I have never personally had a problem, although I know that some people have. I would recommend downloading and printing a copy of the .gov document that says it`s allowed to take shotguns on planes and take it with you, because if you meet an employee who doesn`t really understand the sport and the situation, they could just impose a blanket ban on everything, so it`s worth having this with you. In short, it is perfectly legal to fish in the right areas of the UK during the day, subject to any restrictions on minimum fish size, catch limits and species that are not allowed. Here, we`ll look at the most common legal questions asked by people considering including underwater fishing – particularly in the UK – and their answers. Please take the time to look through these, especially if you are someone who just finds his feet in the sport! With regard to the legality of underwater fishing, the only thing we should know is that we are subject to the same laws as fishermen in terms of the minimum size of certain species, as well as the catch limits. It is also illegal to take certain species such as pollock. No license is required to purchase the spear guns sold on these sites. However, spears and spears are potentially lethal and if used in a dangerous manner, the laws governing the use of an offensive weapon may apply. Please use your shotgun in a reasonable and safe manner.

In the UK, there are national and local laws that regulate the minimum size of fish and crustaceans that can be caught legally; Other countries impose similar restrictions. You can see on the website that although spear guns are never allowed in carry-on baggage (unsurprisingly), whether they are allowed in the hold (checked baggage) depends on the individual airline – see well written – provided it is legal in your area, spear phishing with a tank will always have a minimal impact on the environment, since you will never have bycatch, all fish have such a legal size that you can see them, and the environment itself will not be damaged, as is the case with some forms of nets. Spearfishing is legal in the UK during the day and you don`t need a licence. However, underwater fishing is limited to tidal areas, so you can fish underwater along the entire coast. The restrictions on what you can catch and in what size during harpoon fishing are the same as for recreational fishermen. So when we look at what we can and can`t catch, we look at the advice given to them. In the UK, most of the species you`ll encounter frequently are legal to catch. Previously, however, after a decision in 2019, night-time spearfishing was banned in the UK and was no longer legal. This comes from EU fishing as a general rule for the whole of Europe, so the outcome of this can be examined after the UK leaves the European Union in 2021. Although the cancellation of this decision seems very unlikely due to the overall low percentage of fishermen, it has an impact. No, it is not legal to use diving equipment when underwater fishing in the UK. In fact, it is not legal to use diving equipment for underwater fishing in Europe in general.

This is part of another flat-rate scheme for EU fisheries. The decision is not expected to be reviewed after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU in 2021. The use of a spear rifle is not permitted in the Bahamas. It is illegal to use any type of underwater air supply for underwater fishing or the collection of marine life. This includes diving equipment as well as air compressors. There is actually a document on the government website that states that it is allowed to walk abroad with spear guns The laws are very strict on illegal spearfishing with fines of more than 3000 euros, confiscation of fish, equipment and vehicle used for spearfishing (car and / or boat), especially when hunting scuba diving and / or at night as well as when selling fish. No license or permit is required to fish in the sea around the coast of Great Britain. Underwater fishing is illegal in non-tidal areas of British rivers.

Legality. Unlike the collection of firearms, which have been a military problem, civilian firearms based on their military versions are often subject to legal problems in different states. The law has been allowed to expire and bayonets are legal again. If you`re planning a trip abroad and wondering if you can take your harpoon on the plane, the answer is a little more complex than yes or no. It is legal to travel abroad with shotguns – see Yes, underwater fishing in the UK is legal. But it has some limitations. In short, harpoon fishing in the UK is limited to tidal areas that refer to the UK coast. There are a few exceptions to this, such as some ports (see local guide) and marine protected areas and nurseries (see local guide) are prohibited for harpooning. It is also forbidden to catch spearfish in fresh waters such as rivers and lakes. With that in mind, it`s your responsibility to inquire about the boundaries of your local areas (or the area where you`re planning spearfish). Yes, it`s perfectly legal and necessary to really experience underwater fishing as a whole, and not just in the UK. As fun and challenging as underwater fishing can be in the UK, sometimes you just need to escape into warm, crystal clear waters! However, how you put your shotgun on a plane is another matter.

According to government guidelines (see, lance guns cannot be carried in carry-on luggage. This means that you must check them in checked baggage. How you do it is decided by the airlines themselves. So it`s always best to check with them first before booking your ticket and baggage allowance. However, don`t let this stop you from traveling to Spearfish. All the pain and frustration that can come with traveling with your gear will always be worth it! FRANCE, September 2020: FÉDÉRATION NAUTIQUE DE PÊCHE SPORTIVE EN APNEE (FNPSA) or Fédération Chasse Sous-Marine Passion (FCSMP) or FFESSM (member of the CMAS, a historical association of general diving that now abstains from underwater fishing) You all sell “licenses”! In French this means membership, French term for a driver`s license is “license” (i.e. driver`s license) just to sell insurance! Check their website for an accurate legal textual reference, but for at least 9 years there has been no “permit” to purchase and especially no problem getting it with “maritime affairs” (but they will tell you the real rules). The only legal requirement is insurance for damage caused to other people. It can be difficult for foreigners to find a certificate in French, so the FNPSA or FCSMP will cost almost €20 per year, take out insurance and act in many ways to save access to spearfishing, inform you about the current local rules as well as the general rules of French for spearfishing. In Germany, underwater fishing is prohibited.

It is allowed to possess and produce spear guns from the age of 18, but not to kill a fish. It`s as simple as that. Please do not come up with the idea of going to a lake with a harpoon and trying the harpoon, you will have problems faster than you can repel. No, there is no legal requirement for Spearos to be part of an organisation to enjoy spearfishing in the UK. On a personal level, I would recommend joining the BSA (British Spearfishing Association) and other local groups just to enhance your underwater fishing experience. Visit our Spearfishing Communities page for more details on the groups that might be available to you! Yes, it is legal to own a harpoon in the UK. However, keep in mind that spear guns and spears can be dangerous weapons if misused. You must act responsibly and in accordance with the law at all times.

In addition, air rifles and the use of drive heads are strictly prohibited in Mexico, and violation of these regulations can result in heavy fines and even jail time.