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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 to hit the screens. This South Korean fantasy drama made its premiere in 2019 and managed to get a massive fan following.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Release Date

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

The South Korean drama has earned a warm response from that audience and the critics. And owing to that Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 is being highly anticipated.

The series was renewed for another season on September 23, 2020. And the best part is that the makers announced that Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 is not going to be the final season of the series. Thus we can expect some more seasons in the near future.

But as of now the production for the upcoming season has not begun yet. Because the ongoing pandemic had a big impact on everything. Thus even the production of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 faced a massive delay. Also, we know that this Korean drama is a big-budget release.

And due to the pandemic, the production house(Studio Dragon) has already faced massive loses. Therefore they are still struggling with budget issues. But we hope that they resolve the issues soon. Also now that the director of the series Kim Won Suk has backed out from the project, the makers are having a tough time in replacing him.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

So considering all these troubles we can expect that the release of the upcoming season might be delayed furthermore. But just taking a rough guess we can expect Arthdal Season 2 to release somewhere by 2022.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Plot

The Korean Fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles was a massive hit and the major credit goes to the amazing storyline. As we know that the story is based on a fictional place called Arth where the residents struggle for rule, love, power, relationship ships.

They fight for their existence and to save their origin. Actually, Arth is full of warriors who have their own quests to fulfil. In the first season, we saw how warrior Saya who wants the main throne of Arth.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

And along with him even Tan-Ya and Tae-Al-ha dream of the same thing. The first season did not give us any conclusion on what Saya’s fate would be. So in Arthdal Chronicles Season 2, we can expect Saya and the other two warriors to fight for their common quest. Also, we know that many of the Arth residents have taken up a new way of living.

So it will be interesting to see if Saya and other warriors will actually be able to save their origin.

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