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Away Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed Or Cancelled The Series?

Away Season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Away Season 2 after the massive success of the first season. But has the series been renewed yet?

Away Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Away Season 2

The Netflix sci-fi series first premiered on September 2, 2020, and was a massive success. It got a very high viewership and fan following worldwide And left the fans anticipating for Away Season 2.

So are we getting a new season? The ending of the first season left a room for another season to be made as it left us in a cliffhanger but Netflix had something else in mind.

While the fans were waiting Away Season 2 to be officially announced Netflix came with a shocking announcement instead. Fans were heartbroken when Netflix officially announced that Away Season 2 is not on the cards and thereby cancelling the series. The announcement came somewhere in October.

Away Season 2

We know Away even became one of the most-watched Netflix series as it secured by the first spot. But it still chose to cancel it. The reason is speculated to be the high budget of the series. This sci-fi series cost more than $6 million in filming each episode which is way too high.

And due to the pandemic, many shows are already at a halt and hence Netflix did not invest too much just on a single series and therefore it was cancelled.

But the cancellation indeed broke the hearts of many.

Away Season 2: Plot

This sci-fi series revolves around a mars mission with international crew members. And the commander of the crew is Emma Green. But the crew members are not quite impressed with Emma’s ability as a commander because it was her husband who was supposed to take this position but she had to replace him because he had a serious medical condition.

The three years mission started in the first season and the crew starting encountering many crises. It revolves around Emma struggle to prove herself as a good commander and at the same time as an ideal mother and wife.

Away Season 2

In the previous season, we saw that she was successful in leading her team to mars. But unfortunately, it ended there leaving us in cliffhanger on how life would be on mars. If Away Season 2 were ever made we could expect the crew to start exploring the planet at its best.

Apart from that, we could also expect them to find traces of life on Mars. Away Season 2 could finally tell us if the crew could be successful in inhibiting the planet.

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