Away Season 2: Latest updates are right here?


Away series is a sci-fi series which was premiered on Netflix for the first time. The series went well at the starting but as time changes the fans of the series showed less interest in the series although the story of the series was really very nice. The first season was premiered successfully.

The scenario changed in the another season. In everything we see there is always positive thing and negative thing. Each coin has two parts. Similarly some people liked the show a lot and some did not. So, overall we can not say that the series aws not good. For some it was good and for some it was not good.


As of now we can not say anything confirm that are we getting the new season of Away or not. The fans of the series Away are really looking forward to watch the series on their screens but no official information is given by the production team till date.

The series Away was favourite of so many people and they wanted to see the next season of the series but unfortunately Netflix has canceled the series. They are not going to release the new season of Away on their platform. It is really a sad news for the fans of this series. But we still do not know why Netflix has taken this decision. So far they have not given any reason of it.


Who Would Be In Away Season 2?

In this series there is a lot of thing that can be helpful to us. It shows so many things which are related to science and technology. So we can say that this series is entertaining yet interesting. In the series Hilary Swank is playing the role of a American NASA astronaut. Hilary is one of the most important cast of the series.

The full series is based on a mission, they all work on this mission so that they can complete the mission. The casts of the series are same who were there in the last season of Away. Josh Charles is playing the role of a NASA engineer.


There are many other casts of the series are important, all of them has a vital role to play in the series Away like Vivian Wu as Lu Wang, a Chinese chemist, Mark Ivanir as Misha Popov, a Russian cosmonaut, Ato Essandoh as Kwesi Weisberg-Abban, a Jewish British-Ghanaian botanist with no prior space experience, and Ray Panthaki as Ram Arya, the mission’s Indian medical officer.

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