Bachelor of Arts in Legal Management Jobs

Clear and effective writing is an integral part of all career paths in legal studies. To succeed in law school, aspiring lawyers must be able to properly structure arguments and cite academic sources. For example, arbitrators draft settlement agreements, paralegals draft memos, court reporters create detailed summaries of trials and other proceedings, and judges write expert opinions. Computer Science for Lawyers – Harvard University: This course covers computer concepts relevant to legal practice, such as programming languages, cryptography, and cybersecurity. Students without prerequisite courses in computer science can enroll in this course at their own pace. Litigation consultants work with lawyers and law firms to help them present their cases. Although they do not necessarily deal with the law on which the case is based, litigation counsel strive to improve the rhetoric and clarity of the arguments presented. Trial counselors also play a critical role in helping lawyers develop their jury strategy and select jurors. This job is ideal for those with a Bachelor of Laws degree. Another important role played by trial counsel is the preparation of witnesses for trial.

Student advisors earn a median salary of $50,410 per year. Legal Secretary A relatively new career in law, e-discovery professionals have become an integral part of modern law and litigation. As correspondence and communication are done electronically, communication over the Internet has become a much more important focus of legal investigations. Often, a lot of electronic data is requested during the legal disclosure part of a process. An eDiscovery expert uses both their knowledge of law and their knowledge of technology to research, collect and provide that electronic data for use in a study. The median salary of an eDiscovery expert is $50,410/year. A paralegal is often seen as the first step to becoming a lawyer. Paralegals play an important role in the litigation world. While other ancillary jobs typically focus on logistics management, a paralegal deals more closely with the legal basis of a particular case or process. Paralegals work closely with lawyers to help them build cases. Whether this involves conducting legal research or compiling information depends on the needs of the lawyer. The median salary for a paralegal is $51,740/year.

Law degree programs prepare students for careers in which they assist other professionals in legal proceedings. Not only do these degrees qualify students for immediate employment, but the degree programs can also prepare graduates for the advanced legal programs required for a career as lawyers and judges. A legal nursing consultant is an important part of litigation in medical matters. With a combination of legal and medical expertise, a legal nursing consultant is often called upon to testify on a particular case. Often, medical issues are not easily understood by jurors or judges. A nurse legal consultant is called upon to interpret this medical jargon and give his or her own professional advice on the subject. The median salary for legal nurses is $73,300 per year. When preparing for a case or mediation, lawyers often conduct investigations to uncover relevant facts. To enhance students` investigative skills, law degree programs often offer courses in areas such as forensic analysis, evidence gathering, and chain of custody, as well as interview techniques. The advantages of working in the legal system are that there are many job opportunities throughout the country and the work can be very interesting. Each case or client presents a unique story or problem that presents a variety of challenges to work on.

In addition, it can be satisfying, both intellectually and personally, to use your knowledge and skills to help and guide people facing complex legal problems that they cannot handle on their own. One of the main drawbacks is that the legal field can be stressful, as the law is detail-oriented, sometimes contradictory and very time-oriented. Therefore, there is always considerable work pressure. The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies (LS) program is to expand students` critical thinking and analytical thinking skills and improve students` ability to communicate complex data both orally and in writing. This training as well as your soft skills skills in the workplace would make these jobs a great addition. To save hours of CE, professionals can take online courses on legal topics offered by professional associations and colleges.