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Bard Of Blood Season 2: Every surprising detail we know

 The show produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s red chilies entertainment in association with Netflix, based on the Bilal Sidiqqi novel Bard Of Blood is an epic saga into the world of undercover agents with Emran Hashmi at its face

When Bard of Blood premiered in September of 2019, it was quick to receive attention because of its patriotic themes and high-end fast-paced action. Though it received some criticisms of plot conveniences it regardless boasts an IMDB score of 7 which is an achievement for a debuting show. It stayed in the Top 10 most viewed on Netflix India for months and hence it’s no surprise that fans want more.

Bard Of Blood Season 2 Release date

Though it is yet unclear when season 2 will be ready it is safe to assume that filming complications caused due to covid-19 will certainly push back the released date. A decent estimate as to when the second instalment may premiere is mid to late 2021 or even early 2022. Meanwhile you can binge in the first season available on Netflix here.

Bard of Blood Season 2 Plot and Spoilers

 The show is based on a novel of the same name written by Bilal Siddiqi so it’s obvious that they paln to extract more of that material. Season one follows retired Espionage Agent Kabir Anand as he is called out of retirement after 4 agents have been captured by the Taliban in Quetta. Kabir initially refuses but later accepts the mission only to find his head operator dead. After a series of tumultuous turns Kabir finally manages to round up a team and head to take on the Taliban in an unsanctioned mission.

Bard of Blood Season 2 cast

The cast will retain their roles with Emran Hashmi, Vineet Kumar Singh, and Sobhita Dhulipala in the lead as Kabir Anand, Veere Singh, and Isha Khanna respectively other cast members also include Soham Shah as Vikramjeet and Shruti Marathe as Neeta.

You can watch the first season on Netflix or if you can’t hold in your excitement perhaps look for clues where the show heads to in the Novel by Bilal Siddiqi right now! Brace my fellow espionage enthusiasts because this will be a game of patience

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