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Big Little Lies Season 3: Are We Getting Another Season?

Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies Season 3 is anticipated by the fans, all thanks to the immense popularity of the first two seasons. But the question is that are we really getting another season of this HBO series?

Big Little Lies Season 3: Can We Expect Another Season?

Big Little Lies Season 3

The series first premiered on HBO in 2017 followed by the release of the second season in 2019. And since then we have been waiting for the makers to announce another season of this amazing mystery series.

Now we can finally see a ray of hope. Because the lead actress, as well as one of the leads of this series Nicole Kidman, has hinted than Big Little Lies Season 3 can be expected soon. During a podcast, she revealed that they are on talks with HBO about renewing the series and it might happen soon.

Big Little Lies Season 3

She also added that she is very keen to bring another season of Big Little Lies. When asked about when we might expect Big Little Lies Season 3, she revealed that it might be out probably the next year. She did not give much information about it as of yet. One thing is for sure that Big Little Lies Season 3 will surely hit the screens soon.

Big Little Lies Season 3: What To Expect?

The HBO mystery series revolves around five wealthy women who gets involved in a murder investigation. And their happy lives turn into a nightmare.

In the previous season, we saw how Kravitz Bonnie confesses to the police that she had something to do in Perry’s murder. Also, we saw that Celeste won the custody and her mother in law left the town forever. So in Big Little Lies Seasons 3, many other secrets associated with these five women might be out. 

Big Little Lies Season 3

Also finally we will get to know how was Bonnie actually involved in Perry’s murder. Big Little Lies Season 3 will unveil Bonnie’s relation with Perry. It will be interesting to see what punishment Bonnie actually gets for her crime. We might also expect the involvement of the other women in the murder.

In other words, Big Lies Season 3 will unfold many secrets and mysteries associated with Perry’s murder.

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