Bihar government builds Magnificent Glass Skywalk Bridge


Bihar is one of the most underrated place in India, but now Bihar has made its own place in India. The second glass bridge of our country is constructed in Nalanda district of Bihar.

The bridge is so beautiful and has a mesmerising view from it. After the construction of the bridge the forest department is also going to construct a zoo and a safari park there.


The glass has build in line with the China’s Hangzhou glass bridge. Nitish Kumar who is the Chief Minister of the state visited the bridge and gave so positive views and comments towards this project.

Nitish kumar said that the bridge is really very nice and it is going to open for all the tourists from 2021 march. It is expected that it is going to be very much helpful and on the other hand it will increase the tourism sector of bihar.


The height of the glass bridge is 200 feet and it is 85 feet long, 6 feet wide. It has enough space so that around 40 tourists a can visit the bridge at once. After the construction of the bridge Rajgir has become a international tourist spot.

They have made some other things as well so that it will attract the tourists so much. There is nature safari and rope-way cycling is available. 500 acres of land was given by the government to develop the skywalk.


It is said that the safari will help the tourists to go inside the forests of Rajgir and on the other hand the ropeway will have around 18 glass covered cabins. Each of them has the area to have 8 tourists and it will cover around 750 m within five minutes.

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