Bird flu spreads in Maharashtra rapidly

Bird flu

Bird flu has become a new problem for our country, the state Maharashtra also got affected by this flu. In the state of Maharashtra around 800 chickens have died due to this flu at Murumba village in Parbhani district.

The samples of dead chickens have been collected and those are sent for testing to find out what is exact cause of death of the chhickens.

Bird flu

With is report Maharashtra becomes the eighth state to confirm bird flu. The information about the death chickens was shared by Deepak Mughlikar, District Collector, Parbhani.

He also said that the blood samples of the death chickens are sent to the National Laboratory for testing. Later on the report came out and confirmed that the chickens died due to bird flu.

Bird flu

There are many states of the country who have confirmed bird flu such as Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The central gas given order to the other states to take all precautions.

The bird flu has made the situation so worse for the people, mostly for the businessman. When the first case was reported in Kanpur the people got so afraid and they all started avoiding chicken.

Bird flu

The hotels of the kanpur are facing issues related to the downfall of chicken demand, On the other hand at the place of Lucknow there is a downfall of about 50 per cent in the sale of chicken dishes in the restaurants and hotels.

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