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“Black Mirror” Season 6: Is Another Season On The Cards?

"Black Mirror"

Netflix sci-fi series “Black Mirror” is indeed one of the most popular and unique series ever released by the OTT giant. The series debuting in 2011 has amazed us with five seasons so far. And now we are all waiting for season six to release date.

“Black Mirror” Season 6: Renewed Or Cancelled?

"Black Mirror"

Netflix released the fifth season of the series in 2019 and we were expecting the sixth season to release in 2020. But unfortunately, that did not happen because the COVID-19 pandemic kept everything at a halt.

That is the reason the production of the upcoming season could not begin. Although the sixth season had not been officially announced we knew that Netflix would not cancel the series owing to the amazing responses it has received.

The maker of this sci-fi series Charles Brooker had also revealed in a statement last year that “Black Mirror” Season 6 will definitely be there but it might take a little time. This statement came last year when he was asked about the future of the series. The reason that he stated for the delay of the series was indeed the pandemic.

"Black Mirror"

He said that the pandemic has taken over everything. The economy has been shattered, lives are being lost and hence it was not the right time to announce the sixth season. Because the series is certainly a not happy go lucky one. It involves the dark side of technology therefore he said that it will be appropriate to wait until the world gets out of this crisis before bringing out the sixth instalment.

So hearing his statement it is for sure that the series has not been cancelled but we need to wait a little longer for it to hit our screens.

“Black Mirror” Season 6: Plot

Technology has made our lives easier but on the other hand, it has also made us its slave. This is what the series talks about. “Black Mirror” basically shows us the negative side of technology.

Each episode of the series tells us a particular story that eventually warns us about the negative effects of technology. Starting from the world of the web to the machines that have made our lives easier the series has focussed on everything.

"Black Mirror"

At this time a series like this is indeed an eye-opener for us because we have really become slaves to the internet, social media and other forms of technology. We are losing touch among ourselves. Thus even the upcoming season is expected to portray some very interesting plotlines related to the adverse nature of technological advances.

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