Boris Johnson has tested Covid Positive

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has isolated himself due to Coronavirus. He has tested Corona positive. Boris Johnson has no symptoms of being affected by the virus but the Britain’s National Health Service, says that he should isolate himself just after he can into contact of someone h=who was affected by the virus.

on the other hand A statement says that ha would carry on working from Downing Street, including on leading the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to this pandemic he do not want to delay any kind of work.

Boris Johnson

In the month of april Boris Johnson was fighting with the virus, he was hospitalised as well. But, it is good to say that this time does not have any clear symptoms of being affected. At that time he was in the Covid care centre for three days.

Till now it is not clear that how does he exposed to the deadly virus, but there is a assumption that he might exposed while attending a a half-hour meeting. Later on the information came out is that one of the lawmakers has tested positive and he is also the member of the parliament.

Boris Johnson

He shared a video on his official twitter account and said that he is fine and he has no symptoms just because of precaution he is isolating himself.

Boris Johnson

The number of affected people is increasing day after day, at this time the number is around 54 million globally and over 1.3 million are dead because of this virus.

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