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Boris Johnson Gives Ignorant Statement On Farmers Protest In India

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson recently gave a statement on the ongoing farmers protest in India. And his statement has earned him a massive criticism as he showed his sheer ignorance on the sensitive issue.

Boris Johnson Gives Ignorant Statement On Farmers Protest

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has recently disappointed many with his ignorance on the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. Boris Johnson was questioned about the country’s take on the ongoing protest against the farm’s law in India.

But his reply was rather disappointing. Because it seemed like he had very little knowledge about the ongoing protest. In his statement, he said that he is quite concerned about the India-Pakistan conflict going on and he wants both the country to solve their issues effectively.

Boris Johnson

Thus his statement seemed like he was mixing the ongoing farmers’ protest with the Indo-Pak conflict. Mr Johnson’s ignorance on such an important issue did not go well with many.

British MP Utterly Disappointed

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, British Sikh Labour MP who asked the Prime Minister about the ongoing issue is utterly disappointed by his response.

In a Twitter post, he expressed his disgust and disappointment. He stated that it was really shameful to see that Boris Johnson does not know about the ongoing protest even though many countries are standing in solidarity with the farmers in India. And even there were protests in the United Kingdom as well.

Boris Johnson

He added that Mr Johnson’s ignorance on this better was a sheer disgrace. So like Mr Dhesi, there are several other people who are quite disappointed with Boris Johnson’s statement. And he is being criticized for it.

He is also being criticized on social media platforms.

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