Boston Legal Friendship

What does it mean to be a friend, a best friend, or to love someone today, I mean to really love? Do these terms, as Alan Shore lamented, really still make sense? I am not sure they do. In fact, the balcony seen at the end of this episode really made me think about my own definitions of love and friends. I bet you recently received a card and asked to sign it, and you may have thought, “I really don`t know this person.” I`m not saying it`s wrong to give birthday cards, but have we become a society where friendship and love are trivialized? What does it mean to be your brother`s male friendship and brother? We also need to recognize that people change and grow at very different speeds and paths. Metaphorically, we must plant, cultivate, prune, water and fertilize our friendships. To have a relationship, you need to plan, nurture and nurture it. Relationships that remain unsupervised eventually die. Really, friendship is a special type of love. There is no really binding commitment to the opposite person other than what you are willing to put into the relationship. I truly believe that the term “friend” no longer has much real meaning. How many times have you had someone who has a conversation with “As a friend, you need to know… ” began? Often there is no friendship to make the observation. That`s why it upsets us as a person who receives. Again, we learn from Denny and Alan that a true “better friendship” makes it possible for us: one thing that emerged from the show is the friendship that developed between Spader and Boston Legal co-star William Shatner.

Don`t expect them to spend time together very often. Their friendship may not be traditional, but it`s clearly the one that works for them (and it`s entertaining for fans to witness it). Both call themselves flamingos and also dress during Halloween. Denny is over 70 and Alan is over 40. The age difference between them created a kind of social divide that was reflected in their social, political and professional opinions, but they still managed to find a balance and define the structure of their friendship. Due to the fact that the show is littered with jewelry, affirmations, and explanations that further illuminate the subject, I would cite so many lines of dialogue from the scenes to create perspective on some of the existing and untouchable themes or issues in heterosexual male friendships. I hate the term “bromance.” We have something like this in society when it comes to showing a close male friendship because of some kind of queer fear, so “bromance” has become the useless buzzword of choice to describe the “haha no-homo” antics of male friends so deliberately played for comic effect. You have to laugh about it. Serious introspection of male friendships is a rarer event, at least in mainstream media. That`s why I`m so obsessed with the final scene at the end of every episode of Boston Legal.

While it`s clear that Denny and Alan aren`t perfect about it with luck right now, they end up with a conversion on the balcony every day. This conversation always leads to the happiness they have right now with their friendship and the things they are grateful for. Alan Shore`s last comment in this part of the conversation was: “I love the way you do everything in life on . You and me. Maybe it`s as simple as reducing things to the simplest things that bring us happiness. Here`s the scene: Alan Shore told Jerry Espenson, “I feel like I haven`t seen you much in the last year.” Jerry replied, “Well, you were really busy, Alan. Me too. With work.

The work has. Hey! That`s the beauty of being friends, isn`t it? Relationships with a long lifespan. You can simply stick them on the shelf. I`ll tell you! Alan refuted, “What?” Alan continued, “I`ve never seen myself as someone who puts work before friendships. Apparently, I do. Jerry then gave us the metaphor and said, “We all do, Alan. Friendships are a bit like backyard gardens. We plan to take care of them. We still seem to postpone it until next week. Friendships are the cornerstones of our lives.

Our garden of friends requires careful care. Boston law firm and oscillates around the friendship of an older managing partner, Denny Crane, and a younger senior partner, Alan Shore.La series took off deep in their friendship and in the space of 5 seasons; We see Denny and Alan managing their friendship in a seemingly unusual and non-conformist way for straight men. Let`s easily continue with the point that many times over the course of the 5 seasons they profess a deep love for each other. The nature of the friendship was so diverse and multi-sharp, they look like romantic partners and flirt with each other and at some point you see DennyCrane recording his position as an elderly person and playing a father figure for Alan Shore. Let`s not forget to take care of our friendship gardens as we enter a new decade. In fact, I think I`m going to formulate my New Year`s resolution as follows: enjoy my friends every day and catch more fish. At the end of each episode, Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader) are still sitting on the balcony in cool white chairs called Bubble Club Chairs – which you can buy to drink bourbon and smoke cigars. The conference is funny, but very deep and meaningful. In episode 8 of season 2, Denny tells Alan, “What I give you, I don`t do with anyone else (I talk every night about their time on the balcony and ultimately their friendship).