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Breaking Bad Season 6: Expected Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Breaking Bad Season 6

Breaking Bad Season 6 is being highly anticipated by the fans. The previous seasons of the series were a massive success and therefore the upcoming season is eagerly awaited.

Breaking Bad Season 6: Expected Release Date

Breaking Bad Season 6

The series first premiered in 2008 and had five successful seasons so far. The fifth season of the series was dropped way back in 2013 and since then we have been waiting for Breaking Bad Season 6.

Well even though Breaking Bad Season 6 has never been officially announced and in 2019 a  movie titled El Camino was released as the continuation of the fifth season of the series. But the film could not hook the audience. Therefore the demand for Breaking Bad Season 6 was always there.

Breaking Bad Season 6

A spin-off series called Better Called Saul is currently being aired by AMC. So looking at the spin-off its seems like Breaking Bad Season 6 is definitely on the cards. As per some sources Breaking Bad Season 6 might return after the season finale of the spin-off series.

Therefore if the makers ever announced another season of the series then we can expect it by early 2022.

Breaking Bad Season 6: Plot

This series centres around the protagonist Walter White who goes on from a simple chemistry teacher to a drug dealer. This happened after he was diagnosed with a deadly disease and he wanted to do something big for his family before he dies.

Breaking Bad Season 6

But things start getting darker and he finds himself in a big mess. In the previous season, we saw that Walter has been killed. Although it remained a little vogue. Therefore the upcoming season might actually show that Walter has survived the gunshot and be imprisoned for his deeds.

Because the fans want to see more of Walter and hence another season won’t be possible without his presence. Also, the previous season left us in a cliffhanger because we could never make out if Walter was the protagonist or antagonist. Because we know that either he did was for his family.

Thus if we ever get another season we can expect to dig more into Walter’s truth.

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