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Busted Season 3: Everything You Should Know!!

Busted Season 3

Busted Season 3 is highly anticipated by the fans owing to the success of the previous seasons. The first season premiered on Netflix in the year 2018.

Busted Season 3: When Will It Premiere On Netflix?

Busted Season 3

Well, the second season of this Netflix original series was dropped in 2019. The series was renewed a few months after the premiere of the second season.

Although the shooting was delayed for a few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. But if reports are to be believed then the team is already done with the shooting in June 2020. So if it is true then we can expect Busted Season 3 to hit the screens by November 2020. But if in case the post-production work gets delayed then we might have to wait till early 2021 for Busted Season 3.

But one thing is for sure that we don’t need to wait much for the upcoming season of our favourite series.

Busted Season 3: What To Expect?

As we know that Busted is the first Korean series made by Netflix. The plot revolves around a bunch of detectives who solve murder mysteries. But they are not like any other detectives. Because they are super crazy and funny and thus solve their cases by showcasing their funny antics.

Busted Season 3

In the previous season, we saw that the detectives are in project D which involves the murder mystery of Ahn Nae Sang who was kidnapped and killed in the first season. We saw the detectives going to Sam’s house to get some clues and maybe they found some. So in Busted Season 3, it will be revealed on who had kidnapped Ahn Nae Sang and why.

Apart from that Busted Season 3 will also reveal what was the shocking thing that they found inside Sam’s garden. Was he hiding something? Apart from that, we can also expect the detectives to finally solve Sam’s murder mystery.

In a word Busted Season 3 will be full of revelations as it will unveil a lot of secrets associated with Ahn Nae Sang. We can also expect the detectives to get involved with another mystery murder case.

Busted Season 3

As for the cast we can expect almost all the pivotal characters to make a comeback in Busted Season 3. Actors like Kim Jong-Min, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Se-Jeong, Lee Seungi -gi just to name a few are all set to return in the upcoming season.

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