Cambridge’s Chemistry Department Changes The Name


Cambridge university is one of the best and famous universities. This university is the dream of every student, once all of them wants to study in this prestigious university.

The Chemistry department of Cambridge university has changes its name. The name of the department is given after An Indian scientist Yusuf Hamied. The university has confirmed the information that Yusuf Hamied, chairman of pharma major Cipla, studied has been named the Yusuf Hamied department of chemistry.


They have also confirmed that this will be same until 2050. The university Cambridge have said that after 2050 they might change the name but till then the name will after the Indian Scientist. This is really a big reward of him and the gesture of the university is also appreciable.

Hamied was a genius student of Christ’s College, and has a retained close links with the Cambridge University from last 66 years. The university in the month of 2018 gave a statement that Hamied endowed one of the world’s oldest academic chairs in chemistry, now known as the Yusuf Hamied 1702 chair.


The name of the department has changed to “generous benefaction” from Hamied, whose father, K A Hamied, he has started a Cipla in Mumbai. This action will be going to very helpful to the general public. they are going to sell HIV/AIDS medicines to developing countries, that too in a very low cost. So, that everyone can buy these medicines without thinking of their budget.

Hamied showed a lot of respect and love towards the Cambridge University. he said that the university has given him so many things, the foundation of Chemistry education he got Cambridge only. He is so grateful to the university. He added that they have taught him the actual way of life and how he can contribute to the society for the development.


Hamied was studying there just because he got a student scholarship and the scholarship made his entire life. He said that he is now able to give support to the future generation and for this he will be always indebted to the great institution Cambridge.

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