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Canada PM’s Comments On Farmers Protest May Impact India-Canada Ties


The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau recently commented on the farmers protest going on in India. But his remarks have drawn a huge controversy. And India has surged a warning that Trudeau’s comments can result in bad ties between both the friendly countries.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s Comments On Farmers Protest Draws Controversy


The farmers protest going on in New Delhi has been making India a centre of attention for the entire world. It has been a few weeks since the farmers from different states of India have gathered in the Capital city of New Delhi to protest against the farm bill.

Although the present government is not ready to consider the farmers’ demands, several other political bodies and individuals are in solidarity with the farms.


And maybe the PM of Canada is one of them. Recently, during a virtual conference on the even of the founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary Trudeau commented on the ongoing farmers’ protest in India.

And it was really clear in his statement that he was supporting the farmers. Therefore his comments were scrutinized by the Indian government.

India Summons Canadian High Commission

The Canadian PM’s remarks on the ongoing protested had a huge impact on the Indian government and thus it made the authorities to take legal action.


Recently India has requested the Candian High commission chief to register a complaint against Canada PM Trudeau’s comments. In an official statement Anurag Srivastava, the MEA spokesperson of India has claimed that Trudeau has no right to make such a comment on the farmers’ protest.

He said that the Prime Minister’s comment was quite offensive as well as unwarranted and India won’t tolerate it. Apart from that he also warned that Trudeau’s comment will result in bad ties between India and Canada.

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