Castlevania Season 4 : What New Is There?


Castlevania is a anime series which has a lot of interestings things like magic and vampires. This series is all time favourite of the anime lovers. Well, there is good news for the Castlevania fans soon we are going to have the new season of the series. After the released of season 3, the fans of this series are eagerly waiting for the new season and finally the day is almost near.

This anime series is based on a Japanese video game under the same name by Konami. The first season of the series as released on 7th July, 2017. This series has a lot of fun,drama, horror, darkness, action and fantasy once you will start the show it is this sure that you will love the series.


The mastermind of the series is Warren Ellis and he only has written the series. As of now we have three seasons and each series has 22 episodes. The show has received a lot of love and appreciation from the fans and critics.

What Is New In Castlevania Season 4?

Till date the series has 3 seasons and all of them are well acclaimed by everyone. On 27 March 2020 the team of the series made an official announcement that they are going to have new season of the series.  In the last seasons there was a gap in release so it might be the same this time as well. So, by the mid 2021 we will get to see the season 4 of the anime series.


The story of the series Castlevania is very much interesting. And specially the horror series are more interesting. In story of the series starts with a love story between a human being and a Dracula. Their love is very interesting in the series but unfortunately, the story does not have happy ending. 

In this series there is a called Lisa she dies, someone kills her and after that the whole story changes. Her husband becomes so crazy after death of his wife Lisa that he decides that he will kill everyone. After this the situations turns very bad in the series and Lisa’s husband becomes unstoppable. Then the Belmont family enters in the story. It is said that this family has a legacy as vampire hunters and this family becomes the last hope for the people. 


Now what happens after the family enters to know this you will to watch the series, This series Castlevania has a lot of mystery. 

If we will talk about the cast then there is very least changes will be made this time. The main casts would be there in the series. Some of them are –

Trevor Belmont voiced by Richard Armitage
Alucard voiced by James Callis
Sypha voiced by Alejandra Reynoso
Hector voiced by Theo James
Isaac voiced by Adetokumboh McCormack
Carmilla voiced by Jamie Murray along with the others.

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