Cheese In The Trap Season 2: Are We Getting Another Season?

Cheese In The Trap Season 2

Cheese In The Trap Season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. The series first premiered on March 2016 and was a massive hit. Therefore the upcoming season is being eagerly awaited by the fans.

Cheese In The Trap Season 2: Is Another Season Happening?

Cheese In The Trap Season 2

The South Korean drama series has received a warm response from the audience as well as the critics. As of now, the makers have not officially renewed the TVN series. So does that mean that Cheese In The Trap Season 2 is not happening?

Well if sources are to be believed that the makers are in talks with TVN network to renew the series for another season. The main reason behind that is, the previous season did not have a proper conclusion. Therefore Cheese In The Trap Season 2 is much needed to deliver the complete idea of the plot.

Thus another season is inevitable and thus we can expect Chrrse In The Trap Season 2. But due to the ongoing pandemic, things are at a halt and maybe that is the reason the makers have not stated anything officially.

Cheese In The Trap Season 2

Therefore we need to wait for an official confirmation about the upcoming season before we go on to making some assumptions. But if we get another season we can expect the production to go on floors by early 2021. So of that happens Cheese In The Trap Season 2 can be expected by late 2021.

Cheese In The Trap Season 2: Plot

This teenage drama series revolves around the protagonist Hong Seol and her struggles with her education, academic life and toxic relationship with Yoo Jung.

Basic this drama centres around how Seol manages her relationship with Jung, she being a hardworking working student and Jung being a spoilt rich brat.

In the first season, we saw Jung’s negative side or how manipulative he is. Being a spoilt rich boy he is way too arrogant and cannot stand people who go against him in any way. After Seol gets into a relationship with Jung her life gets darker.

Cheese In The Trap Season 2

So we can expect a lot of things to come up in Cheese In The Trap Season 2. It will be interesting to know if Seol will be able to change her boyfriend’s bad nature and his attitude or will she be worse affected by it. Also, we can expect her to finally make a decision on whether to be with Jung or get out of the toxic relationship.

In other words, Cheese In The Trap Season 2 will be full of revelations.

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