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Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Everything We Know!

Cobra Kai Season 3

Cobra Kai Season 3 is very highly awaited amongst the fans. And we finally two good news for all the fans. After a long wait, we have got the date for the Cobra Kai Season 3 along with a trailer, and we cannot wait!

Cobra Kai Season 3 Updates
Cobra Kai 3 updates

Cobra Kai Season 3 Releasing Soon 

Netflix recently released the trailer for Cobra Kai Season 3. While the trailer was thrilling, they revealed the release date as well. Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the worldwide lockdown, everyone expected a delay as the productions were put on halt. But it looks like Cobra Kai Season 3 makers were as excited as all of us to drop the series. 

Cobra Kai Season 3 will officially be released on Netflix on January 8, 2021. While January is still a long wait, but the fans have waited for a year, and now it’s just a few months. 

Cobra Kai Season 3 Has A Successor Already 

The series Cobra Kai has become a massive success since the first season. It was even in the Top 10 list of Netflix series of the Nielsen’s Streaming list. The second season for Cobra Kai reached 2.17 billion streaming minutes. Since there is a lot of stories that are left to be told and the series has a huge fan following, Cobra Kai has already been renewed for season four as well. 

Netflix confirmed that Cobra Kai Season 4 is happening! Although not a lot of details regarding the fourth season has been revealed as Cobra Kai Season 3 is yet to come. 

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Cobra Kai Season 3 To Have Main Cast Back 

Cobra Kai Season 3 Cast

From what we have seen on the trailer, we know that the cast for Cobra Kai Season 3 will have familiar faces. The cast from the previous season will be coming back for the third round. It includes Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and many more. 

Miguel Finally Wakes Up From Coma In Cobra Kai Season 3 

The trailer released has ditched a lot of fan theories that were surfacing around the internet. Many believed that Miguel wouldn’t wake from coma anytime soon. But in the trailer, we see the moment when he finally opens his eyes. We also meet the person who put Miguel in the hospital bed. And Robby Keane will get getting severe punishment for his crimes. In the trailer, we saw that he was behind bars in a juvenile detention facility. 

The previous season ended with a love triangle between Ali Mills, who became a married doctor and reconnected with Johnny at his worst times. We might see a bit of how their story goes further in the upcoming season. 

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