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Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc


A Court in Spain has denied the fractional lockdown due to coronavirus in the Madrid state which was levied by the central government to curb the increasing infection rate in the country. Madrid’s uppermost regional court upended an order from the central government on Thursday which mandated enforcement of partial lockdowns all over Madrid, labelling the restraints as infringement of the “rights and fundamental freedoms” of the 4.5 million people residing there.

The Spanish government levied the constraints again in the region following the city and its outlining urban centres brimming with more and more cases of the novel coronavirus, after the slackening of previous guidelines.

Court of Spain denies enforcement of lockdown

Spain Virus Deaths: Coronavirus Cases Fall on April 5, 2020 - Bloomberg

The local government had previously enforced vicinity particular lockdowns at the directive of the central government, but then executed a lockdown for the whole region on Friday. The limitations bounded the activities which required stepping outside of the home to the office, school or for medical emergencies.

State of Coronavirus in other countries


In a latest video, President of United States of America, Donald Trump, has acclaimed the trial drug cure that he obtained after getting infected with the virus, saying that he aspires that all Americans can get the same care. 

Coronavirus: Trump says CDC recommends Americans wear face masks |  Financial Times

The efficacy or safety of the trial antibody cocktail created by Regeneron is not proven yet but the president stated that he wants to make the drug unrestricted. Conspicuously, there is no precise evidence that verifies that the drug had any influence on Trump.


Germany has logged 4,058 coronavirus cases in a time span of 24-hours, the Robert Koch Institute reported on Thursday.

The surge indicates a boost of more than 1,200 relative to the earlier day, as per the country’s infectious disease bureau.

Germany furthered the list of coronavirus risk areas with Georgia, Jordan, Romania and Tunisia on Wednesday, necessitating those coming back from these countries to stay under isolation until a coronavirus test turns up negative.

The US' healthcare system is why coronavirus will explode in America -  Business Insider

France chronicled 18,746 definite infections on Wednesday, crushing the record for the greatest number of daily cases. The previous such peak was noted the last weekend.

“The virus has been circulating faster for several weeks,” French President Emmanuel Macron said in a televised interview. “We must move towards additional restrictions.”

In the beginning of this year, France was one of the countries which were awfully struck by the pandemic in the European continent. Several measures are still in place, along with the shutting down of bars and restaurants and compulsory wearing of masks outside in various cities.

Global Covid-19 cases top 7.5 million: Johns Hopkins University.
Density of coronavirus cases in the world

Roberto Speranza, who is Italy’s Health Minister, has also proclaimed curbs on tourists from countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Anyone coming from these places has to get an obligatory COVID-19 test as per the new protocols.

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