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COVID-19 USA Sudden Surge Leaves Netizens Demanding For COVID-19 Vaccine

COVIS-19 USA Cases Concerns Netizens

COVID-19 USA cases are currently on the first rank for the highest number of Coronavirus cases in the world. As recently reported, more than 71,000 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday. It is the first time since a surge in this number has been seen ever since July. 


Presidential Elections 2020 Candidates Address COVID-19 USA 

The rising coronavirus cases in the United States of America has concerned everyone in the country. The cases have also been addressed in the Presidential Elections of 2020. The former Vice President Joe Biden has accused President Donald Trump of not having a plan to contain the virus. However, Trump has been known to have trolled the presence of the coronavirus and Biden for wearing a mask. 

Biden has one of his speeches said that the coronavirus is not showing any signs of “slowing down”. He said that the number of cases in every state is continuously increasing. Kamala Harris recently cancelled two of her crucial campaigns as two members in her team tested positive for coronavirus. She said that she is firmly committed to the party’s commitment towards taking care of everyone’s safety. At the same time, Donald Trump has been holding rallies across the country and in the white house. Most of the Trump supporters have been seen without wearing face masks and maintaining social distance. 

So far, COVID-19 USA cases have been reported to be 8.7 million.

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Governors Impose Restrictions To Limit COVID-19 USA Cases 

Restrictions to limit COVID-19 USA Cases

States have been trying to contain the coronavirus and have now imposed new restrictions. While Chicago has put new restrictions on their people, Louisiana has decided to open up their football fields for high school students. The Louisana government has decided that the students will be allowed to attend football matches in open-air stadiums. 

However, Joe Biden has warned the netizens of a “dark winter” amidst the COVID-19 USA Cases. While Trump has claimed that the virus would simply “go away”. Over times, he has blatantly blamed China for the spread of the virus all across the world. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Status 

Vaccine for the COVID-19 USA

Scientists and the experts across the world have said that the COVID-19 vaccine could be approved earliest by December the year. But the distribution of the vaccine will be a matter of concern as it will need time to reach to 331 million Americans. Meanwhile, the government is reportedly devising a plan to distribute the vaccines across the various population with priority given to the most vulnerable group of elderly and the essential workers. 

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the COVID-19 vaccine trial amidst the rising COVID-19 USA cases. The vaccine is under development by US-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University. The trails were put on hold early in September given an adverse reaction of the human trial subject in the United Kingdom. But the trail has now been resume in the UK and other countries. 

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