Covid screenings will not be imposed for flights from Britain says UK


Covid-19 is again back with so many problems in front of us. Just before few days the condition was going well but now again everything has changed.

The US government has taken a decision that they are not going to impose COVID-19 screenings for passengers traveling from Britain after the emergence of a highly infectious new coronavirus variant there.


White House coronavirus task force members backed requiring negative pre-flight tests after a meeting on Monday, but the Trump administration has decided not to take any action for the time being, the people said.

There are many countries who have cut down their transportation contivity with Britain after the discovery of a mutated variant of the novel coronavirus. Although there some countries who are saying that the they should allow some travel.

The Ministry of Canada said that they are going to implement a screening to those who are travelling from Britain, on the other hand those who are traveling from another countries they will also be included. The government said that it is for the benefit for the general public from covid.


The three airlines that operate flights from London to John F. Kennedy International Airport – British Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic – voluntarily agreed to a request from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that they only allow passengers who test negative to fly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that it is possible that the COVID-19 variant is present in US.


Now all the countries are taking care of the their citizens so that this another virus would not harm anyone. India has also cancelled all the international flights.

Nobody is allowed to have travel out of the country and those who are outside the country they are also not allowed to come back to the country at this time.

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