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“Cursed” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Details


Netflix Arthurian series “Cursed” has made a massive fan following worldwide. Making its debut in July 2020, this series has earned massive success and therefore the next instalment is eagerly awaited.

“Cursed” Season 2: Release Date


This series graced our Netflix screens on July 17, 2020, and as mentioned earlier, it earned amazing responses from both the audience and the critics. The plot of this series was so engaging that it left us wanting to see more of it on screen.

Well till date Netflix has not yet uttered anything about renewing “Cursed” for another season. But looking at the plot of the previous season, it definitely has left a room for the second instalment. Because we all know that the first season did not have a proper conclusion and it left us looking for answers. In a word, we are all left in a cliffhanger post the end end of the first season.


Thus the plot itself demands for another season. We know that the time been hard for everyone especially the entertainment industry due to the pandemic outbreak. So this might be the reason that Netflix is taking a long time to announce “Cursed” Season 2.

But looking at the possibilities there are chances that we get an official announcement soon. Taking a wild guess early 2022 seems perfect for the release of the next instalment of the Arthurian series. But for the time being it is better to be patient and wait for the OTT giant to make an official announcement.

“Cursed” Season 2: Plot

“The bewitching ‘Lady of the Lake’ and her journey to be one”, this series based on an Arthurian legend in indeed a treat to our eyes. It is a tale full of fantasy, action and drama where a princess in distress called Nimue and the legend Arthur are teamed up to save their people and land from evil eyes.

The tale is about Nimue transforming into ‘Lady Of the Lake’ for her people. The previous season shed light on how Nimue was attacked fatally by Iris. By the end of the first season, all we saw was a wounded Nimue falling into the lake.


The ending left us amid curiosity whether Nimue actually lost her life or will she be revived. And the fact that she fell into the lake somehow hinted that she might finally turn into the lady of the lake. But unless we get another season we cannot say confidently is she really transformed into one.

Thus one thing is for sure that “Cursed” Season 2 will bring in an interesting twist to the entire plotline and we might finally get an answer to all our questions.

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