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Death Note Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Much More

Death Note Season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Death Note Season 2 to hit the screens. The anime series first premiered in 2007 and since then we have been waiting for another season. But is it happening?

Death Note Season 2: Release Date

Death Note Season 2 Updates

It has been more than a decade since fans have been waiting for Death Note Season 2. The manga series earned immense success after airing its first season thus leaving the audience anticipating for more.

But why have not the makers uttered about bringing a new season?  Well, we know that the first season had 37 amazing episodes and it covered almost the entire plotline of the manga series it was adapted from.

Therefore that is the reason the makers have not thought of bringing a second season to the series. Also, there have been multiple spins off series based on Death Note. Thus Death Note Season 2 seems quite unlikely as of now. But looking at the brighter side a new chapter had been added to the Death Note manga series magazine.

Death Note Season 2

So there are chances that if the makers ever think of making Death Note Season 2 they might make it an adaptation of this newly added chapter. But these are based on our assumptions. We need to wait for the makers to actually consider this and come up with a new season of the series!

Death Note Season 2: Plot

The manga series won the hearts of its audience owing to its amazing plotline. We know that it centres around Light Yagami a student who gets hold of a death note diary.

His life changes after getting the diary because he starts witnessing odd things happening around him. Actually, the diary consists of the names of the people Yagami knows. And unfortunately, whosoever name is mentioned gets killed under mysterious circumstances.

Death Note Season 2


Also, we saw that Yagami is overpowered by the diary or in a word gets possessed by it and turns into a murderer. But the end of the series we saw that Ryuk finally kills Yagami.

So as mentioned earlier the first season had a satisfying end. Therefore if Death Note Season 2 is ever made we can expect a new character to get hold of the diary. We don’t know what the new chapter of the manga series has in store for us, but we can say confidently that Yagami’s chapter is over.

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