Delhi Government risease fine to Rs.2,000

Maharashtra government

Delhi government has taken decision to raise the fine for Covid Violations. Covid has affected the whole country but there are people who are not at all afraid of this virus anymore.

Till date we do have a proper cure of this virus and until we get the cure we all will have to follow the rules and regulations. In Delhi, the people are not understanding this thing and they are not following the rules which are implemented just for our safety.

Delhi Government risease fine to Rs.2,000

The government has announced that those who will not wear mask, violate quarantine rules, social distancing, chewing and spitting tobacco or pan masala will have to pay the fine.

Earlier the fine was only 500 but now it has increased to 2000. On one hand our country is fighting with this virus and trying to get down the number of patients, In delhi the case is totally different, the cases are increasing there day after day. Around 45,000 people are found to be positive.

Delhi Government risease fine to Rs.2,000

The government is taking all the precautions to handle the situation but the result is vivid. As the cases are increasing the hospital facilities are not enough to handle all of them.

The people from there are seeking help, they are updating posts on social media sites tagging Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and saying that they need beds and other facilities.

Delhi Government risease fine to Rs.2,000

In taking care of the situation Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that he will give 1400 new intensive care beds for the covid patients.

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