Delivery boy Zomato dies in a accident

Delivery boy

A delivery boy of Zomato, who was just 20 years old dies in a accident. There was a mercedes which hits the boy so hard that the boy could not survive. The speed of the car was so high that the driver could not manage the car after a point. The accident took places in Oshiwara area of Mumbai.

Delivery boy

The delivery boy who was riding a scooter and heading to a hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries. The conditions of the vehicles after the accident was so bad, both were damaged very badly.

The local police is taking care of the situation, they are trying to investigate the case. In these days where each person has a car or bike has lead to a severe condition. In the big cities like mumbai the rate of road accidents due to overspeed is rapidly increasing.

Delivery boy

After every single minute we got to know that somewhere someone died due to road accident, the condition is very bad these days. Before few days we got a news that a person died in in pune and along with that the truck driver lost the control over the truck and it caused damage of 10 vehicles.

Delivery boy

If we will see the official data it says that around 1.2 million people dies and car accident worldwide. If we will go by the day to day rate of accidents then it says that an average of 3,287 deaths per day. it is said that car accidents is the main cause of death of young people who are around 15 to 29.

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