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“Designated Survivor” Season 4: Are We Getting Another Season?

"Designated Survivor"

After the tremendous success of the previous seasons “Designated Survivor” Season 4 is being eagerly awaited by the fans. But are we getting another season?

“Designated Survivor” Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled?

"Designated Survivor"

The Netflix political thriller has earned positive responses from the critics and audiences all over. The series has successfully launched three seasons and now we are all waiting for another season.

But is another season on the cards? Well, we know that “Designated Survivor” is one of the most popular thriller series. But despite that ABC cancelled the series after the premiere of the second season but thankfully Netflix took it up and the third season was released on the OTT platform.

"Designated Survivor"

So even this time we are expecting Netflix to announce the third season. But as per reports “Designated Survivor” Season 4 might hit the screens soon. There were reports that the fourth season will be dropped in 2020 but due to the pandemic outbreak, the shooting was stalled.

Although as of now Netflix has not announced anything officially so there are chances that the OTT platform might actually renew the series. Because fans have been demanding the fourth season of this series and Netflix is expected to consider the demands of the audience.

“Designated Survivor” Season 4: Plot

The political thriller is well known for its engaging plotline, making it one of the most liked Netflix series. It revolves around Thomas Kirkman the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of the United States who survives an attack in the President’s building where almost everyone is killed.

"Designated Survivor"

As the only survivor, he is chosen to be the next President of the US. But despite being chosen as the President, life does not seem easy for Kirkman as he starts encountering massive challenges.

So in the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see how Kirkman overcomes the challenges and proves himself as the “Designated Survivor.” 

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