Die Hart Season 2: Everything you need to know.

In this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with the new action comedy-drama TV Series Die Hart Season 1. Directed by Eric Appel and starring John Travolta, Kevin Hart, and Nathalie Emmanuel in the main lead the show was released with its very first season on 20 July 2020.

This show being one fun show of its own kind has made many fans with its first season. Quibi And Hulu has renewed Die hart season 2 as it has acclaimed big popularity and fans enjoy watching Kevin Hart action-comedy programme. The show received a positive reception from its audience. It was also extended for season 2. Kevin Hart will come back in season 2 with an exciting and new storyline. The season 1 continued to earn one of Quibi’s most-watched series, boss producer Kevin Hart, also said that during this shutdown in a pandemic scenario, stars in the show should think about the production even more inventively. The performance is certainly fascinating and Hart pulls out the brightest.

Die Hard Season 2 Cast

  • Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart / Executive Producer.
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Jordan King.
  • John Travolta as Ron Wilcox.
  • Milana Vayntrub as Leah.
  • Jason Jones as Mikey.
  • Brandon Quinn as Danny Morrison.
  • Jean Reno as Claude Van De Velde.
  • Josh Hartnett as Josh Hartnett.
  • Eric Marinade as Juan
  • Josh Lamboy as Ortiz
  • Brandon Quinn as Danny Morrison
  • Stephan Jones as Waylon
  • Jason Jones as Mikey
  • Stephan Jones as Waylon

Die Hart Season 2 Release Date

The release of Die Hart season 2 is yet to be announced. No formal announcement has so far been made. In the second season, with his business associate Jeff Clanagan for Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Studios, which produces the show, Kevin Hart will also be an executive producer. LOL Studios is even more enthusiastic about producing Die Hart season 2. The series will hopefully be published in 2021.

Is It Any Good?

For Kevin Hart ‘s cynical action comedy, Quibi might just be the perfect platform. There’s nothing extraordinary about Die Hart, but each episode is a set piece that helps Hart to get in, screw about, make some jokes, throw some self-effacing charisma around and get out just as easily. Nobody’s expecting any of the jokes to be all-timers, but the writing and performances are good enough to warrant a longer format. As something that’s built to be an easy, low-commitment, comfort watch, Die Hart does the trick.

Die Hart Season 2 Overview

Die Hart follows a fictionalized version of Kevin Hart, who’s tired of being the comedic sidekick. He gets his wish when a famous director offers him his dream – to be a leading man action star – but there’s a catch: Kevin must first train at the world’s greatest action star school, run by a lunatic. Pushed to his limits by this action school coach and a tough-minded rival student, Kevin must survive a series of hilarious, over-the-top action sequences and face his fears if he wants to achieve his dream and land the role of a lifetime. Kevin must endure a series of hilarious, over-the-top action sequences and confront his fears if he wants to attain his dream and land the job of a lifetime, challenged to his limits by this action school coach and a tough-minded rival student.

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