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Disenchantment Season 2: Expected Release Date, Plot And Much More

Disenchantment Season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Disenchantment Season 2 owing to the success of the previous season. The series premiered in August 2018 and has earned a warm response from the audience as well as the critics.

Disenchantment Season 2: Expected Release Date

Disenchantment Season 2

The first season of the series was divided into two parts. So the second part of Disenchantment Season 1 was dropped on September 2019. And since then we have been waiting for Disenchantment Season 2. 

So when is it happening? We were all expecting the upcoming season to hit the screens this year. And maybe the makers had also planned something like that. But the sudden pandemic outbreak caused a massive delay in the production of the upcoming season.

As per the sources Disenchantment Season 2 will have 20 episodes. But as far as the release date is concerned the makers have not made it official. There are speculations that the production work has already resumed. Therefore if things go as per plan we can expect the upcoming season to grace our screens either by early or mid 2021.

We can expect an official announcement soon!

Disenchantment Season 2: Plot

The Netflix animation series centres around the protagonist Bean who is a princess of a medieval fantasy kingdom. She has an Elf named Eflo as her companion. Bean is a very rebellious princess and she also struggles with alcohol addiction.

Disenchantment Season 2

Also, she interacts with her own inner devil called Luci whose only aim is to convince Bean to do destructive things. In the previous season, we saw that Bean is in great trouble as she has been accused of murdering her father.

We also saw that her mother Queen Dagmar has really evil intentions. So in Disenchantment Season 2, it will be interesting to see how Bean proves her innocence. Also, we know that both Eflo and Luci are trying hard to help Bean in gathering enough pieces of evidence that she did not kill her father.

So will they succeed in helping her? Also, we saw that new creatures have entered the kingdom and they look like Bean’s elf Eflo. Are these creatures related to Eflo? If yes, how? It will finally be revealed if Eflo knows about these creatures or is it a new diabolical plan by Queen Dagmer.

Disenchantment Season 2

The upcoming season will also reveal the identity of that person who killed Princess Bean’s father. Was it Queen Dagmer or someone else? Is Bean really innocent?

Disenchantment Season 2 is expected to disclose all these secrets.

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