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DMRC Suspend Metro Services in light of Farmers Protest

DMRC suspended

DMRC Suspended all metro services to the NRC till 2pm

New Delhi: The Delhi Chalo farmer protest has been growing in numbers over the past few days. Though The farmers from Punjab may seem like the focus of attention, protestors have shown up from multiple states including Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

In order to keep the farmers out of the national capital the Delhi Metro Corporation suspended all metro services until further notice citing over-crowding caused by the farmers protest.

A statement by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation read, “From 2 pm onwards Metro services are available from Delhi towards the NCR sections. However, services from NCR sections to Delhi still continue to remain suspended due to security reasons till further notice,”. DMRC servieces partly resumed past 2 pm

The metro being suspended along with the roads that enter Delhi being blocked off by protestors or barricaded by the police cause major difficulties for commuters. Commuters especially in the regions of Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad and Ghaziabad faced considerable difficulty getting around to work due to the metro’s being suspended until 2 in the afternoon.

Many places saw the clashes between protestors and police turn violent. At the Punjab-Haryana border, protestor tossed police barricades off the bridge into a river.

Along with metros, the bus service was also swiftly halted making sure no protestor gets into the capital. Security forces fired tear-gas shells and water cannons over protestors throughout the day showing immense resolve to keep the farmers out of Delhi. The farmers declared that if they weren’t let into Delhi, they themselves would block off the roads entering Delhi. Farmers in Punjab previously bought the state’s railways to a halt for almost 50 days.

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