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Donald Trump is in a big disappointment and unhappy with the results for Supreme Court

The President of the United States said that his legal challenges against the victory of November 3, 2020, of the President-elect, Jo Biden should have been heard by the nine justices and voiced his disappointment in the Supreme Court. He said on Thursday via Twitter that he is very disappointed in the Supreme Court of the United States and so is their great country. Trump continues with his allegations about widespread voter fraud although the Electoral College of the U.S. affirmed the victory of Biden over Trump with a vote of 206-232 on Monday. His claims were found baseless by over 80 judges.

Defeat for Trump

In a separate, Trump also claimed that he won big in Wisconsin but got his voted rigged by Democrats. He added about Nevada that many thousands of non citizens voted in the state according to the recently released date.  He said that they are ineligible for voting. The legal challenges of Trump also fell short in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Nevada after a series of defeats in Pennsylvania so far. His campaign filed lawsuits got rejected multiple times in courts.

The results in the battleground of Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan were challenged by a state of Texas filed lawsuit wherein it was alleged that the process of voting got changed unlawfully before November 3 elections due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, the case got rejected by the Supreme Court last week. It is also uncertain if the courts will entertain any more legal challenges from Donald Trump. They not only got failed in lower courts but also have exhausted reasonable avenues for reversing his loss.

Several polls reportedly, an overwhelming majority of voters of the Republican supports about the votes getting rigged. It was long argued by Trump that it is the most corrupt election in the history of the country and even reduces the U.S. to a third world country.

Flynn urges Donald Trump to make use of Martial Law

Michael Flynn who for a brief time served as the national security adviser of Trump stated on Thursday that martial law could be used by the president for the rerun of the elections in the swing states. Flynn stated to a conservative news outlet that it would not be unprecedented for using if such martial law for preventing the victory of Biden. Flynn claimed that if Trump wants to him and could also take military capabilities, then he could place those within the swing states and basically rerun the elections in each of those states.

Flynn said that it is not unprecedented and martial law is being talked about the people that it is something that they have never done, but they have been instituted 64 times already until now. However, there is a constitutional process for following for applying martial law. A pardon was issued earlier this year by Trump for Flynn for the commitment of some crimes involving a two-year investigation of Russian interference in the election of 2016