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Dr. Anthony Fauci asked to join the COVID-19 team by President Joe Biden

The newly elected President of the United States of America is Joe Biden who got elected on 3rd November 2020. Mr. President asked the government of America’s top toxic disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci to join his COVID-19 team while joining the office in January 2021.Mr. President told in an interview with CNN that the expert Dr. Fauci stay in his original role, which he has been doing for the past President of America. Now he will continue with the role of Chief medical advisor.

Dr. Fauci slammed the former President Donald Trump

Dr. Fauci has been serving as a medical advisor to the American PresidentPresident in the past. He also criticizes the former President of America, Donald Trump, for underestimate the coronavirus. He is working on Donald Trump’s COVID-19 task force. He is also the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Trump said that if he got put in power again, he would remove Fauci because he criticized Trump.

Mr. President ask Dr. Fauci to rejoin the COVID-19 team

Joe Biden requested Dr. Fauci to join the COVID-19 team. The decision takes while the total number of infections in coronavirus crosses 14 million in the US with a high record of the dead.  Biden told in an interview with CNN that Dr. Fauci and his team are preparing to handle the coronavirus. Further, Biden said that he would get the vaccine of COVID-19 after the confirmation of Dr. Fauci and its safe and feel grateful to announce it publicly.

Additionally, the vaccine will get distributed in the upcoming day, which is breaking news. At present, the US is practicing it in hospital and deaths. Within 24 hours, the US recorded more than 210,000 COVID-19 cases, declared by Johns Hopkins University. It has got recorded the highest cases for the country since the Pandemic started. The University also mentioned that the new number of cases was 2907. After 24 hours, it was 3157, which was more than the attack of 9/ 11.

For the first time in America’s history, the virus has obscured more than 100,000 people of America in hospitals. Biden said that when he attends the office, a notice will get published for all Americans to wear masks on buses, planes, and inter-state transport. He also mentioned that the American have to wear the mask for 100 days, not forever.

Biden ally’s internal discussion said that the President-elect got picked the former President Barak Obama’s official Jeff Zients will be the coronavirus administrations. According to the Politico report that Zients elected for the role, and the former US general surgeon Vivek Murthy has been appointed as Biden’s top advisor on coronavirus. Murthy will get returned with his original position in Biden’s administration. Biden will give his priority to the COVID-19, and he also criticizes Trump for not doing well at that moment. Trump underestimates the coronavirus as well as the health of the civilians of America. So there was a little fight occurring in the Pandemic.

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