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Dr Vivek Murthy says no evidence for proving the new strain of the virus as more deadlier

The new Coronavirus strain that is appearing recently in the U.K. is creating quite the chaos worldwide. In fact, there are announcements from several countries placing restrictions and banning travel from the U.K. The announcements followed after Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister stated that there must be cancellations of Christmas shopping and gathering in Southern England due to spreading of infections rapidly as a result of the new variant of Coronavirus. A strict new Tier 4 restriction level has immediately placed in those regions by Johnson and also upends Christmas plans for millions. The appearance of the new virus has also become one of the highest concerns as it is doubtful whether the vaccines will work on the virus or not.

Vivek Murthy on the new virus strain

Vivek Murthy, who is the Indian-American physician and pick of the President-elect of the U.S., Joe Biden for General Surgeon, stated recently that there is no evidence which suggested that a more contagious and new variant of coronavirus as reported is any deadlier in the U.K. Dr Murthy, 43 years old stated that it has no reason to believe that development of the vaccines of the Coronavirus would not be helpful and work against the new strain also.

Vivek further added that there appears to be about a new strain of the virus which is on the news from the U.K. stating that the virus is more contagious and transmissible than the previously seen virus. However, there is no evidence yet which proves that the virus seems to be transmissible and is a more deadly one to the acquiring individual. яндекс. Dr Murthy said the pillars for the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 is masking, washing hands, and keeping physical distance.  He also said about the Coronavirus vaccine that they all want the quick delivery of the vaccines when it comes to the timeline of vaccines.

Indian-American Dr Vivek Murthy as the Surgeon General of Joe Biden’s health team

Dr Vivek Murthy got nominated by the US-President Joe Biden for serving in the post of Surgeon General under him. Joe Biden stated that the key-voice will be the famous Indian-American physician on his response to the pandemic of COVID-19 for restoring faith in medicine and science, and public trust. Murthy, 43 years old, also served under the administration of Obama as the United States’s Surgeon General. However, he left when the office of the U.S. President got assumed by Donald Trump.

Dr Vivek Murthy in his speech said that he with the help of science and facts, head and heart will provide and dedicate his service for the welfare and caring of every Americans. He is also grateful for serving one of the few countries in the whole world which is asked by the President-elect to a Poor farmer’s grandson of India to look out for the entire nation’s health. He further said that he will work every day for fulfilling the General Surgeon’s role and it is a testament to the promise of America.

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