Facebook news feed glitched for millions, people posting memes on public figure


Millions of people have taken to alternative social media platforms to report a glitch with Facebook’s news feed.

In the early hours of August 24, thousands of people have taken to Twitter to report a strange bug in their Facebook news feed, with many Twitter posts featuring screenshots or screen recordings of their entire news feed being memes random Facebook users have posted to celebrity Facebook pages such as Joe Rogan, President Joe Biden, Harry Styles, Eminem, Ariana Grande, The Weekend and more.

Twitter Reaction

It seems that the homepage has glitched for a certain percentage of users, as I can personally report no changes in my Facebook news feed. However, the glitch does seem to be widespread and is affecting a large percentage of people with hashtags such as “#Facebook” growing on Twitter. According to Down Detector, the problems are spread across desktop and apps, with 76% of the bug-reporting participants indicating problems with the News Feed, 18% with the app, and 6% with the website.

At the moment, there has been no update from Facebook on this apparent glitch, which out of all possible glitches to occur, is certainly on the more amusing side of things. It’s strange, and humorous to think that millions of people across various locations on Earth have had their timelines converted in celebrity-centered meme centers. With all of the posts from people, they don’t even know.

It will be very interesting to see what Facebook or Meta announce regarding the glitch, or if they will just quietly fix it in hopes of no one noticing.

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