Facebook Portal Devices Black Friday 2019 offers & discounts – Flat $50 off

Joining the Black Friday shopping fun, Facebook too has announced a nice $50 discount on its latest Portal range of devices. True the Portal range might already be ringing warning bells at your end, and there is a solid reason for it to be so given Facebook’s own dismal – or shall we say, stellar track record on privacy, the $50 price revision too can be alluring. After all, the Portals do have their own positives as well.

Facebook Portal Devices Black Friday 2019 Offers & Discounts

First off, the Portals devices – the Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV – are basically video conferencing devices and each excels on that front. All the devices are tightly integrated to both Messenger and WhatsApp, hence the Portal devices are best suited to those who do a lot of videos conferencing on these two platforms.

On that front, the Portal with its 10-inch display does make for a nice video conferencing tool. The design is a lot more alluring and subtle this time, compared to the first-gen Portal and comes with a fair bit of privacy features which Facebook believes will be enough to help ward off user’s concerns as well as its own fearsome track record.

That includes a switch with two settings, one to switch off the camera in which case there is a physical lid covering the camera lens. You have the option to keep the mic on in such a scenario while another set will allow you to switch off the mic while keeping the camera on. Yet another setting will allow you to switch off both the camera as well as the mic.

Whether or not those are enough to allay the fears of prospective buyers about Facebook having a peek of their personal lives, the device can still be bought from Amazon for a nice $130, down from its usual price of $180.

The Portal Mini is much like it’s bigger sibling save for its smaller 8-inch display. That way, the portal Mini should suffice those who are heavily hooked on to either Messenger and WhatsApp for their video conferencing needs and can do with a slightly smaller device for the same. And with the discount factored in, the Portal Mini can be yours for just $80, which is $50 less than the usual $130.

Portal TV is slightly different in that it lacks a display of its own. Rather, it can be seen as an add-on device which can be snapped on to any smart TV via the HDMI port. That way, any smart TV can be transformed into a video conferencing device, and a giant one at that too. That makes it fit for an entire room full of the audience, or as much as the 120-degree field of view that its front-facing cam can accommodate at a time.

So, if Portal TV is what appeals to you, it can be yours for a nice $100. The special prices will remain in effect till December 2, or till stocks last, whichever is earlier.


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