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Facebook takes down QAnon conspiracy accounts


Facebook Inc is inflating its tactic towards the QAnon conspiracy movement, citing that it will delete all Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts associated with QAnon’s followers in an attempt to restrain their reach and progress over the internet.

Facebook had earlier banned QAnon Pages, accounts and groups if they obligated or applauded violence. Those which denoted groups and pages that promote the QAnon collusions, but were not seen as overtly vehement, stayed on the service.

Facebook braces for contested election, voter intimidation Oakland Donald Trump  QAnon voter intimidation Facebook | The Independent

Now linking with QAnon is in many cases a violation of the company’s rules, Facebook stated on Tuesday in a blog column. Personal accounts and posts with ties to QAnon are permitted on the social network, but the company levied the ban on them in an attempt to restrict followers of the conspiracy movement from flocking together. Instagram accounts allied with QAnon are also barred.

In the post, Facebook cited that its Dangerous Organizations Operations crew will work around the clock to pursue all content tied to QAnon, rather than merely banking upon user reports. “This work will take time and will continue in the coming days and weeks,” the company alleged.

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The QAnon conspiracy group has coverted into a more conventional one, all because of Facebook’s products. The network’s Groups attribute has let QAnon believers — who believe that President Donald Trump is combating a section of high-profile child molesters — to look for one another and expanse their beliefs. Facebook deleted numerous Pages and Groups associated to the movement in the month of August, but an in-house report revealed by NBC News exposed that QAnon Groups on Facebook still amassed millions of followers.

QAnon and Trump

Trump has endorsed the group via posts and retweets on his social media handles too. The Federal Bureau of Investigation termed QAnon as an inland terrorist menace back in August 2019.

QAnon origin

At the core of it, QAnon is an extensive, baseless conspiracy notion that believes that President Trump is carrying on a furtive war versus elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in places like government, corporations and the media.

QAnon theorists have spread rumours that this clash will steer us to a day of surmising where famous people such as previous presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be detained and slayed.

Man poses with a Q sign at a Trump rally

In October 2017, an unknown user put a thread of posts on the message board 4chan. The user “Q” asserted to have US security sanction termed as “Q clearance”.

These messages came to be popular as “Q drops” or “breadcrumbs”, frequently mentioned in enigmatic language sprinkled with slogans, vows and backing Trump themes.