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Facebook to use AI to help Content Moderators review Posts.

facebook to use AI for content moderation

Facebook will be improving its method of moderating its content by using Artificial Intelligence that is AI. Facebook has a team of 15 thousand people who review the content on Facebook in more than 50 different timezones.

As millions of users post content on facebook simultaneously,I is very difficult for human moderators to go through every post thoroughly and filter content that violates the guidelines and rules as there’s too much growth of hate speech,cyberbullying and cybercrimes online it is hectic for content moderators to review everything the manpower at Facebook also seems relatively less,thus Facebook has introduced new AI machine learning to filter content.

What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation is done by the content moderator. Content moderation as its name suggests is spectating and keeping a watch on content on online platforms. A content moderator has to make sure that the posts and content are placed in proper order and right category,there’s no illegal or abusive content on their website/domain/platform and doesn’t hurt sentiments of people and groups. A content moderator must monitor everything very carefully,they have to determine and follow the guidelines and the rules that have been set.

Content Moderation at Facebook

At Facebook,15,000 people have to spend their entire day monitoring various posts, they have to go through three million posts every day, which means they have to go through three million mistakes every day! The posts that violate the rules and guidelines mentioned by Facebook which includes hate speech, nudity, and “glorifies” violence get flagged or reported by users or Machine learning filters, the clear cut cases are dealt automatically and the others get queued for the moderator to check.

Image Source: Facebook
Facebook’s old system of moderation, combining proactive moderation by ML filters and reactive reports from Facebook users

Earlier the moderators used to check the posts that were reported in a chronological order (time which the post was reported) but now Facebook is trying to remove posts according to their importance,therefore they introduced machine learning.Facebook has always been criticized for not giving enough support and help to content moderators.

Image source: Facebook
The new moderation workflow, which now uses machine learning to sort the queue of posts for review by human moderators

There’s not enough clarity about setting the importance,relevance and severity of which post will be deleted first.

Ryan Barnes, a product manager at Facebook said in a press briefing that although they are using the machine learning system they’ll be giving “substantial human reviews” for content violations.

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